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Fancy a hiking break in Brittany, enjoying the fresh air and roaming around? This is a fantastic opportunity to get in shape and learn more about yourself and others: these trails were designed with you in mind! Walk them alone or with friends and family, and make the most of the safe, well-marked trails that take you to the most beautiful landscapes along the Breton shoreline. You’ll find yourself surrounded by cliffs, beaches, granite formations and wide bays. It’s a unique adventure that’s accessible to all thanks to the proximity of public transport and good-quality, listed accommodation. There are as many trails as there are opportunities – so now it’s over to you!    

We’ve designed a few Breton routes for you to enjoy exploring

Tour of Guerlédan Lake - 2/3 days - 35.5 km

It’s a 40 km trip to get all the way round Guerlédan Lake, the largest enclosed stretch of water in Brittany. The Lake nestles in the heart of a huge forest: Quénécan. You’ll glimpse the outline of a deer, hear the knocking of a black woodpecker, see heather and blueberries, and gasp at the steep schist crests as well as enjoying the velvet-soft undergrowth and breath-taking views over the Lake. Enjoy the spellbinding intimacy of the tree kingdom and absorb the atmosphere of a place where every element of nature comes together, bringing you surprise after surprise. You’ll also see the remains of old slate working and charcoal making sites along the route. 

Useful information: depart from Laniscat (le Roc'h); labelled accommodation

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The GR® 34 Pink Granite Coast – 3 to 4 days – 60 km

Set off from the town of Lannion and make your way along the bank of the River Léguer, and then you’re off on your mission to conquer the Pink Granite Coast and its striking, unusual coloured rock formations! You’ll make a stop at the port of Perros-Guirec. The walk can be done in both directions (Lannion – Perros-Guirec or Perros-Guirec – Lannion).

Useful information: red and white trail markings; labelled accommodation; possibility of coming back by bus

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The GR® 34 on the Goëlo Coast – 4 days – 72 km

This route takes you on a journey of exploration along the western end of Saint-Brieuc Bay. You’ll come across beaches, seaside resorts, rocky headlands and stunning cliffs… you might even want to extend your break and make your way towards the Bréhat archipelago.

Useful information: depart from: Saint-Brieuc; red and white trail markings; labelled accommodation; possibility of coming back by bus

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Head for the Pointe du Raz – 4 days – 77 km

Once you’ve done this walk, Cap Sizun will no longer hold any secrets! You’ll explore Douarnenez Bay, the Pointe du Raz and Audierne Bay.

Useful information: depart from: Plouhinec; labelled accommodation; food and refreshments

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Tour of the Crozon peninsula – 6 days – 118 km

If you’re lucky enough to have a few extra days, then make the most of it by exploring every aspect of the Crozon peninsula! You’ll visit a wealth of fascinating places including the Aulne estuary, the Landévennec forest, the port of Fret, the Pointe de Pen Hir and the Cap de la Chèvre. You might even have some migratory birds for company! It’s an ideal way to take some time out of modern life and recharge your batteries.

Useful information: depart from: Rosnoën; labelled accommodation

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