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The temple of art

Bon Repos sur Blavet, Côtes-d'Armor

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Abbaye de Bon-Repos
22570 Bon Repos sur Blavet

You don’t always find religious art in churches, but inside Bon-Repos Abbey, contemporary art has found the ideal home to show off its original creations.
In a peaceful setting, Bon-Repos Abbey is the ideal spot for the kind of meditation once practiced by the Cistercian monks who lived here in the 12th century. Recently in ruins, the Abbey has risen from the ashes after 20 years of faithful restoration. Open to visitors, the Abbey in Saint-Gelven has regained its original beauty thanks to its relationship with art and children. Throughout the year, there are educational workshops focusing on the environment, the restoration project and Cistercian history. From spring onwards, exhibitions and artists’ residencies bring contemporary artistic practice into the spotlight. The Abbey hosts a biennale exhibition called ‘Murmures’, a collection of sound works, alternating with a symposium of African-inspired sculpture. From time to time other events are held– religious festivals, sound and light shows, trail running...

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