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Guérande, Loire Atlantique

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La Maison des Paludiers
18 rue des Prés Garnier
44350 Guérande

In the heart of the Guérande salt marshes, the Maison des Paludiers discovery centre reveals the trade secrets of a 1000-year-old skill, including a tour of the Ecomuseum and the saltpans and a chance to meet the professionals.
Salt is the white gold of the Guérande region. The salt-marsh workers are the guardians of this age-old tradition. How do the marshes work? How is the salt formed? How is it harvested? The ecomuseum will answer all these questions, using models and videos. The highly-informative tour takes about one hour. If you want to get a more concrete idea of the subject, then follow your guide to the saltpans where the salt-marsh workers operates. You can see how the seawater is channelled from the canal up to the crystallisation of the salt in the 'oeillet' (saltpan). You will be shown the incline, the subtle adjustments and, if time allows, you can taste the precious salt, harvested before your eyes. It's enough to make your mouth water!

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German

Access for the Disabled : yes

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