Auberge des Glazicks

This Olivier is proud to be Breton
Restaurant, Gourmet cuisine at Plomodiern

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  • At this family run establishment, Olivier Bellin works wonders with the best Breton produce at the forefront of which is buckwheat.

    You’ll have heard of yellow, black and white gold, but have you ever imagined blue gold? That’s what you get once the Breton produce is in the hands of alchemist-chef, Olivier Bellin, from the Glazick area, which actually has a shade of blue named after it. He turns buckwheat into butter, bread, macaroons, linguine drizzled in meaty juices and scallops or oysters, and even ice cream. “To me, buckwheat is Brittany's caviar!" But it would be somewhat simplistic to categorise this newly crowned 2 Michelin star cuisine by just one ingredient. The young vibrant chef, a former pupil of Joël Robuchon, combines land and sea produce remarkably with scallops in buttermilk, delicately cooked lobster with its giant, stuffed potato chip, or shellfish porridge. The Auberge des Glazicks, decorated in blue of course, offers a great ‘made in Brittany’ experience, orchestrated by a top quality team.
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    Olivier Bellin
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