Etoile du Roy

Relive the buccaneering age in style aboard the Etoile du Roy!
Sailing at Saint-Malo

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  • In the port of Saint-Malo, set sail aboard a three masted vessel! A 47m frigate, the Etoile du Roy is France's second largest traditional ship, just behind the Belem.

    With its majestic size, 790m2 of sails, richly decorated transom and Turkish figurehead, the Etoile du Roy takes you straight back to the 18th century. Just setting foot on the gangway is a journey into history. These days, you can board the ship in peace even though the 20 cannons are still in place! Aboard this authentic floating museum, the spirit of the great royal races awaits you, behind each mast and in every chest stowed in hold. As many as 240 crew manned the deck and the rigging in the past. Does that whet your appetite? Discover life aboard this ship as it was in the age of buccaneers. Set sail for Roscoff or Morlaix and spend the night in a hammock. In the morning, live your dream as the rays of the sun play on the sails.
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