Restaurant Latitude 47

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Restaurant at Damgan

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  • At Latitude 47, both the decor and the food are an invitation to travel. When a man from Quebec falls in love with Brittany, the result is an exotic tasting experience.

    Why is it called Latitude 47? “Because as you might guess it’s the latitude of Damgan, and also of Quebec where I'm originally from.” Marc Colombe took over the hotel-restaurant two years ago, and since then has turned it into a fine establishment that holds the ‘Restaurant du Terroir’ quality label. Here, you’ll find two different atmospheres: relaxed and friendly on the terrace at the water’s edge, and a plusher feel inside with velvet seating, a fireplace etc. But there is also a culinary journey waiting for you at the table with the sea bass, julienne vegetables and a dash of mango. Or why not try some sliced pitaya, and a touch of yuzu… Without of course forgetting produce from the region: Penerf oysters, “langouille” from Dinan, fish and shellfish from the fish market in Lorient and the Viviers de Roscoff… And you can also spend the night in one of the rooms, which all offer sea views.
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