Voilier traditonnel Le Telenn-Mor

Perfect harmony aboard the Telenn-Mor, which means 'sea harp' in the Breton language!
Sailing at Douarnenez

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  • There's nothing like a trip on board the Telenn-Mor to bring you a taste of traditional sailing and sardine fishing! Welcome to a place where locals are known as 'Penn-sardin', Breton for 'sardine heads'!

    On board and ready to cast off, Bruno, aka 'Bubune', welcomes you as he organises the manoeuvre. If you want to give him a hand, don't hesitate: it's the best way to familiarise yourself with old-style sailing. Once out of the channel, the sails swell and the Telenn-Mor heads for the Bay of Douarnenez. Clad in beautiful black with smart white lettering, the boat glides over the waves. The wind whispers suggestions of places to go. Circle the beautifully preserved Tristan Island, run alongside vast sheltered beaches, sail up to Cap Sizun or head for the Île de l'Aber. The views are stunning wherever you choose. As you sail, Bruno will tell you tasty tales of Douarnenez and its sardine-fishing past. If you're lucky, a dolphin will come and play around the bow. A three hour trip seems to just fly by!
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