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Top 10 activities for holidays with your friends

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Are you 18 to 25, a bunch of mates, a group of girls or several couples, and just want to let your hair down? Brittany's the place to go for a fun holiday with friends.

1. Like a fish in water

Looking for something exciting to do? Get on the water on a paddleboard or in a kayak. Go snorkelling, or maybe try sand yachting... it's a great way to have fun and make the most of being by the sea - and the activities are accessible to everyone. Into board sports? Surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing… Do yourself a favour and go catch a wave. Brittany's watersports centres offer loads of activities for all abilities, all year round. So come along with your friends and go with the flow.

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2. Need an adrenaline fix?

Tree-top trails, climbing (outdoors or inside), a zip-wire over the sea... High on the peaks, on the cliff tops or above the water, this is the place for adventure. Have a blast with your mates in the great, green outdoors!

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3. On the open trail

Fancy walking or cycling? Or maybe try an electric bike. There are loads of trails to explore in Brittany. The Nantes-Brest Canal, the Velodyssey cycle route... pick the one you like the look of and head off for mile after mile of great times with your friends.

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4. Be a foodie

Oysters, crêpes, scallops or maybe the local cake, Kouign-Amann... Whatever you fancy, you’ll find it at the markets. You’ll get the day off to a great start with all the different tastes and smells coming from the colourful stalls, run by local producers.

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5. Visit a Breton pub

In a friendliness contest, Brittany would get first prize! Wherever you’re staying, you'll find loads of places to go for a great night out. They also make their our own beers in Brittany - Blanche Hermine, Bonnets Rouges, Coreff, Duchesse Anne and Telenn Du. Visit some of Brittany's pubs and try a local brew. "Yec'hed mat!" - Cheers!

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6. Party at the festivals

The ‘Vieilles Charrues’, the Lorient Interceltic Festival, the Festival du Bout du Monde (‘End of the World’), the Trans Musicales... In Brittany, the festivals will keep you partying all year round. Book your tickets now to share those "So Breizh" moments with your friends!

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7. Hit Brittany’s beaches

The sun shines in Brittany too, so you and your friends can have a great time on our sandy beaches. Sign up for the ‘Estivales de Volley des Côtes d’Armor’, Europe's biggest beach volleyball tournament, in July. In winter, there's nothing like a spur-of-the-moment footie match to fill your lungs with sea air.

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8. Stay connected when you see the sights

Use a smart phone or tablet to get connected when you visit churches, chapels and castles. 3D technology will take you inside Bon Repos Abbey as it was in the 18th century. You’ll see the halls of the Château de Trévarez in their full Belle Epoque splendour, and more… Free apps like Brest Monument Tracker or Breizh Tour will add a fun twist to your visits.

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9. Detective of warrior? You choose

Brittany is right up there when it comes to adventure games. Escape Game, Murder Party, Paintball, Laser Game… you and your friends are going to have a laugh! Be a detective like Sherlock Holmes or a modern-day warrior. Half an hour from Brest at the Château de Kergroadez, the Marquis has just been poisoned and has an hour to live ... can you find the antidote to save him? There are loads more puzzles to solve, in the daytime or in the evening.

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10. Get around on a Segway 

Like trying new things? Here’s a chance for you and your friends to try a different way of getting around Southern Brittany’s best sites, all year round – on a Segway gyropod. Travel along the beaches, discover Carnac’s legendary standing stones and the fantastic views along the wild coast with views of the Gulf of Morbihan etc. From Carnac to Quiberon, come and enjoy a great way to travel on this fun vehicle!

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