10 summer destinations

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For many people, summer is the main holiday period. On the menu: sun, sea and sand, beautiful holiday destinations and new experiences.

The Lac de Guerlédan, escape to the countryside

Brittany’s largest lake sits in the heart of inland Brittany and offers a 100% natural setting for your country break. Against a wooded backdrop, the lake’s watersports centre provides a range of activities, such as canoeing, pedalos and water-skiing. The footpaths around the lake also offer walks, mountain-biking and horse-riding, all in a peaceful and tranquil setting.
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Discovering Brittany's undersea wonderland

Fancy visiting the undersea world? On with your mask and dive, dive, dive! Scuba diving lessons are the ideal way to discover the submarine world. With your oxygen cylinders on your back, you can glide along surrounded by the marine flora and fauna. Brittany has plenty of exciting dive sites, so just plunge right in!
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Tropical notes on the Isle of Batz

Just 15 minutes by boat from Roscoff, the Île de Batz is an invitation to relax. Its 20 fine sandy beaches and mild climate make it a lovely, peaceful haven. You can cross the island on foot or by bike, along magnificent coastal pathways. Don’t miss the Georges Delaselle Gardens, an ideal place for a stopover, with its collection of tropical plants.
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Mussels are on the menu from July onwards

Farmed mussels can be eaten from July to February. They're raised in Mont Saint Michel Bay and were the first type of seafood to be awarded AOC (appellation contrôlée) status. You'll be able to identify their "habitat" from the stakes – known as "bouchots" - that appear at low tide. The Bay also offers plenty of opportunities for collecting shellfish at low tide.
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Unexpected places for unusual works of art

Every year for almost 20 years, around 20 practitioners of the plastic arts have taken over 25 chapels in central Brittany to engage in a dialogue between contemporary art and religious heritage. Take your time and follow the four routes through the Blavet valley to discover these works, created specifically for each place, which give each of the chapels a different kind of atmosphere.
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Brittany - a tropical paradise!

Giraffes, pandas, lemurs, alligators... Brittany is starting to look like one of the southern plains or equatorial forests! Explore it all with a visit to one of the region’s many zoos. Summer is the best time to enjoy these living spectacles: birds, including birds of prey, flying free, animas being cared for and fed and even young animals being born!
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All the charm of the Belle Époque in seaside resorts

The seaside resorts of Brittany first rose to fame at the end of the 19th century, when sea-bathing first became popular, and bathing-huts, villas and seaside hotels made their appearance. Today the resorts have become symbols of "bracing" Brittany - the holiday destination that's as good as a tonic. Discover the resorts of Dinard, Carnac and Bénodet with their vast stretches of fine sand, where you can take a dip or just bask in the sunshine.
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Face to face with Celtic tradition

To celebrate Celtic culture, Brittany holds many festivals, including the Interceltic Festival, the Filets Bleus, and the Festival de Cornouaille. Each one tries to outdo the others with music, colour and dancing in traditional costumes to the sound of the famous "bagads" (musical ensembles specific to Brittany). You can join in the dancing or make up your own steps: at this kind of festival everyone is welcomed with open arms.
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European Heritage Days in Brittany

Every year, around the middle of September, châteaux, castles, museums and country houses in the region open their doors to the public. The European Heritage Days (Journées Européennes du Patrimoine) involve a range of buildings, some of which have always been part of Brittany's historical wealth, and others which are only open for this event. All the sites are open over a weekend of culture so you get plenty of time to admire their hidden treasures.
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