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The Redon Marshes A town between land and marshes
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The Redon Marshes

If you like landscapes combining land and water, you are sure to be enchanted by the Redon Marshes, where the superb valleys of the Vilaine, Aff and Canut rivers offer a great place to dally and admire the marshes and wide range of architectural styles. Just perfect to explore by boat!

A town between land and marshes

At the confluence of the Rivers Oust and Vilaine, Redon is like an island in the midst of the land. Here the marshes form a star around the town, giving it a unique personality. Apart from the old town and the magnificent Saint-Sauveur Abbey, the treasures of the landscape can be explored on foot or by boat. Rivers full of fish, bird sanctuaries, and much more – a magnificent natural heritage.

All aboard!

Hire a boat at La Roche-Bernard, Redon, Messac or Pont-Réan – the very best way to explore the Redon Marshes. On your trip, you will see beautiful maritime pines and chestnut trees, while the banks of the Vilaine are dotted with salt barns and old fortifications. A surprising trip along the waters.

An immense abbey

Spend a few hours exploring Redon and the magnificent Benedictine abbey of Saint-Sauveur, the most important abbey in Brittany during the Middle Ages. Today the historic town still preserves beautiful examples from the architectural heritage of its past. Admire the Château du Mail or the Hôtel de Richelieu with its square turret.

La ville de Redon se devine comme une île au cœur des terres.

Did you know ?


Have you heard of the Demoiselles de Langon? This is the name given to the row of standing stones in the village of the same name. Legend has it that the young women were turned to stone because they went to a ball instead of going to church!

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