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Monts d’Arrée

An almost surreal landscape of moors and rocks

The Monts d’Arrée offer a surprising landscape! You’ll be charmed by this wild and unspoilt region at the heart of Brittany which culminates in Roc’h Ruz at 385 metres. Just a stone’s throw away are churchyards, sculpted retables and pretty chapels, all worth a visit.

Discover Monts d’Arrée

In the Armorica Regional Natural Park, a mountain range splits Finistère in two. Welcome to Monts d’Arrée. An impressive, almost surreal landscape where heathers, gorse and rocky ridges intertwine as far as the eye can see. You’ll be amazed by the impressive viewpoints offered by the mountains over the surrounding region. Put on your trainers and walk up to the summit of Roc’h Trevezel. From the top, the view of Léon is wonderful.

The chapel on the mountain

Perched on an arid hilltop, Saint-Michel-de-Brasparts chapel, dedicated to the archangel Saint Michael, dates from 1672. The view is worth climbing the many steps that lead to it. If you go on a clear day, you should glimpse the black mountains, the bell towers in Saint-Pol-de-Léon and even the sea! In the surrounding area, Sizun churchyard and the Baroque retable of Commana are worth a detour.

Did you know

A bald mountain

Why are there so few trees on Monts d’Arrée? Legend says that the sky, which was once covered in forest, asked the trees in the region to go to Bethlehem for the birth of Christ. They refused to cross to ocean and were thus condemned to wither on the spot.

Untouched land

The spellbinding landscape of Rochers du Cragou is made up of peat bogs and enigmatic moors. It’s the last place in Brittany left untouched by human intervention. On leaving the hamlet of Bouillard, take the botanical path which leads to this preserved land. Look around, you might see Eurasian curlews and harriers.

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