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An enchanted natural playground

Everything here takes on an extraordinary dimension! Tiny island dots, miniature ports and doll’s houses sit alongside giant granite boulders, sweeping horizons and archipelagos stretching as far as the eye can see… A tangle of paths leads you deep into this natural wonderland.

Experience Plougrescant

Downstream of the mediaeval town of Tréguier, the River Jaudy disappears into an estuary dotted with small islands. Its left bank joins the Plougrescant peninsula. The land extends gently into the Channel, in a patchwork of fields, moors and copses, interspersed here and there with astonishing granite chimneys looming up from the ground. In fact, the whole site looks like something out of a fairytale! Take St Gonéry’s Chapel for example, with its curiously crooked spire!

Surprises galore

From Pors-Scarff, the coastal path zigzags between the granite tors (ruiniform rocks that have weathered erosion) and sea kale bushes. Along this rugged coastline, you can make out Napoleon’s rock, named for its distinctive two-cornered peak, like the French Emperor’s hat. Follow the pink and grey rocky shore and you’ll see other strange-looking rock formations that seem to spring forth at an earthly whim. At the Gouffre site, you do indeed feel a bit like you’re looking into the abyss as the sea thrashes about between a deep gash in the land, with jagged cliff faces all around. Porz-Hir is altogether calmer, with houses clinging onto the rock or merging as one with it, producing an unforgettable slideshow of images. Have you already seen Castel Meur, the little white-shuttered cottage wedged between two huge granite rocks? At the Pointe du Château, the furthest tip of the peninsula, let your gaze sweep across the jagged coastline, studded with islands.

Did you know

How to safeguard a site ?

Built a century and a half ago, the iconic cottage Castel Meur is no longer available for commercial use or accessible to the public. These measures not only protect the site, but also the pebbles that tourists used to take away as a souvenir, making the strong tides even more dangerous.

When it’s time for a dip…

There is little room for spreading your beach towel out on a nice sandy spot on the peninsula. So for the joys of the seaside with views over an unspoilt coastline, you’d be much better heading to Buguélés or Port-Blanc, a little fishing port with a big beach shaped by sand dunes.

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