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By car

Once you’ve crossed the administrative border into Brittany, motorway tolls are replaced by express ways that are free of charge. This free-flowing network of dual carriageways links up Brittany’s main towns allowing you to discover the region at your will.

Motorway-free region

Brittany is the only motorway-free region of France which happily means there are no motorway tolls to pay. Instead, it is served by a fast and efficient network of dual carriageways that have a speed limit of 110km (68mph) resulting in easy, stress-free driving.

Table of distances between Brittany’s main towns



BREST 134 297 71 242 146 186
LORIENT 134 169 69 150 121 58
NANTES 297 169 232 109 204 112
QUIMPER 71 69 232 214 144 121
RENNES 242 150 109 214 99 113
SAINT-BRIEUC 146 121 204 144 99 117
VANNES 186 58 112 121 113 117

Did you know ?

It is said that Brittany’s free road network is a legacy of Anne de Bretagne who ordered the abolition of tolls between Brittany and France while married to the King of France. In fact, it is as a result of a political decision taken in the 60s to open up the region to the rest of the country.

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