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Brest - June 2025

Every summer for nearly 20 years, there’s been a rave-olution in Brest. Astropolis brings together the ultimate in techno, for a festival that parties along at lightning speed. And since 2012, techno fever has also been filling the city during a winter edition, held in January.

Since 1995, techno is the word

When your heart skips a beat, you know that you’ve just been to the Astropolis festival, which takes place on the western-most tip of Finistère every summer. The rhythm here is so frantic that new editions come around before you can say Jack Robinson. In techno talk that’s 300 beats per minute! Originating in the rave parties that took place during the 80s, the ‘festival that lived on’ is still alive and kicking! Every summer, some twenty thousand ravers invade the dance floors of a dozen or so venues in and around Brest, which bring out their flower power wallpaper especially for the occasion. From the commercial port to the Cabaret Vauban, the Astroclub or the Manoir de Keroual, the sound’s as loud as thunder – but this is no storm in a teacup! Although they say that lightning never strikes twice, as of this year there will be a winter version of the festival including an astroparty for younger techno lovers. Held in January it’s sure to be an icebreaker!

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