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Signposts and good practices on the pathsThe codes for a successful hike!

Signposts and good practices on the paths

Two red and white parallel lines which make all experienced walkers itching to go; a yellow cross, red and yellow combined, etc. All hikers need to know the A to Z of the signposts they might encounter on the paths, as well as good practices to apply. The circuits in Brittany are carefully maintained and signposted. But this does not mean you should forget your map and compass!

Walking signs

The Grande Randonnée (GR®) routes are marked by a white and red rectangle on top of each other. The GR® are mainly linear routes connecting one place to another.

  • The GR de Pays ® (GRP®) paths, which promote an area through its culture, its heritage or its economy, are marked with yellow and red lines.
  • The PR (Promenade & Randonnée), marked by a rectangle, preferably yellow, propose routes of less than one day’s walking and link an entire area.

On the way, the routes are marked with paint on rocks, trees, walls and posts. Their frequency varies depending on the land.

The routes known as GR® and GRP®, marked respectively in white-red and yellow-red lines, are created by the FFRandonnée – French Federation of Hiking. They are protected under intellectual property rights. © Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre. Authorisation 2014-2016.

Good practices

Do not harm fauna and flora, do not disturb the peace, do not disturb other users… Remember that to enjoy nature, you have to respect and protect it. Stay on the marked paths, close gates and barriers behind you, do not dispose of anything in nature, remember that the spaces are for sharing, etc. In Brittany, the hiking paths often pass through fragile environments or private properties. Before setting off, don’t forget to read the good practices: theHiker’s charter written by the FFRandonnée tells you all you need to know!

Hiker’s charter

Did you know ?

Comité FFRandonnée Bretagne

This committee discovers the best routes to use depending on the discipline. Through its ongoing action, it facilitates your holidays on foot, bike, horse-back, boat, etc. National federations and Breton associations work hand-in-hand for the enjoyment of hikers.

The Comité Bretagne de la FFRandonnée has been working for 30 years on developing the practice on its territory. With over 15,000 licensees and a network of more than 230 associations, the Committee promotes hiking through the organisation of events for everyone and through multiplying the forms of practice. The FFRandonnée trains leaders and signpost painters in charge of creating and signposting the hiking routes found in topo-guides®, the hikers’ essential tool for discovering the paths in the best conditions.

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