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A Photographic Journey through Brittany

Wander. Experience. Admire. In summer, you can discover Brittany’s trails by bike, on foot… You can also discover it by following the paths of photographers: that’s the idea behind the Traversée Photographique (Photographic Journey). A series of exhibitions throughout the region, it’s a way of discovering Brittany’s towns and cities in a different way, a way of seeing things from a different angle. A captivating experience.

In the blink of an eye

Photographic Walks

Daoulas – from 30 March to 1 December 2024

Come and see the walls of Daoulas, a charming little town on the roadstead of Brest, adorned with beautiful pictures. From the town centre to the abbey and its exceptional gardens, take a stroll through an open-air art exhibition. The streets are decorated with large-format prints, highlighting the work of internationally renowned photographers. This year, Françoise Huguier and Hans Silvester offer you a one-way ticket to Japan, each with their own vision.

Les Balades Photographiques (fr)

Photo Festival: Man and the Sea

Le Guilvinec – from 1 June to 30 September 2024

Come and discover this open-air photo exhibition at the tip of Finistère. A collection of 300 large-format photographs on the walls and streets of the “fishing heartland”: the port of Guilvinec-Lechiagat. A free, summer-long photo festival that celebrates the strength of the link between man and the sea. Splash! Immerse yourself in a seafaring culture that’s open to the world. Africa, South-East Asia, the Atlantic from north to south, set sail for other visions, other horizons. Discover a wealth of experiences and encounters, to be enjoyed without moderation.

L’Homme et la Mer (fr)

The Olympics through the lens of Raymond Depardon, 1964-1980

Rennes, FRAC – from 14 June 2024 to 5 January 2025

Are the Olympics just about sport? Not just sport, they’re a show. A reflection of what’s shaking up society. And with the 2024 Games just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to immerse yourself in the Raymond Depardon Olympic exhibition in Rennes. Discover 165 photographs spanning 5 Games, combining history and emotion. Portraits of those who make them happen – athletes, journalists and spectators. A vibrant mix of sport and life. It’s the celebration and the raised fists of the athletes. The elegance of a body on the uneven bars, a hostage situation in Munich. Depardon’s vision as a great photojournalist has shaped our collective imagination. Why not join him on a journey through the highlights of the last century? A great experience guaranteed.


A look back at Cartier-Bresson

Landerneau, FHEL – from 15 June 2024 to 5 January 2025

2024, the summer of firsts at the Hélène and Edouard Leclerc Fund in Landerneau. The first photography exhibition since its creation… and the first exhibition in Brittany of a pioneer of street photography: Henri Cartier-Bresson, “L’œil du siècle” (The Eye of the Century). A truly unmissable event. Let’s head for the coastal lands! The black and white images by the founder of Magnum Photos are some of the most celebrated in the world. From iconic images to new discoveries, this 300-piece exhibition is sure to be a fascinating experience. Are you in?

Fonds Hélène et Edouard Leclerc (fr)

La Gacilly Photo Festival

La Gacilly – 21 June to 3 November 2024

t’s a Breton classic and one of France’s top photo events. Every summer, visitors flock to this little town south of Rennes, drawn like magnets by the cream of contemporary creation. Based on a central theme (this year’s is “Australia and Other Perspectives”), they instantly plunge into a great bath of images and emotions: a thousand XXL-format visuals are on exhibition outside, on façades and in the gardens and alleyways. A call to commitment and wonder alike, in the face of our environment. Impressive to say the least !

21e Festival Photo La Gacilly

Zoom on… GwinZegal

Steeped in history, with an identity all its own, a committed publishing house, the GwinZegal art centre (Fr.) in Guingamp is really worth a visit. Photographic Journey through Brittany? A perfect excuse: from 28 June to 13 October, 1970s Japanese photography is in the spotlight, with Issei Suda’s work. Humour, poetry… Rush over there!

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