Chapelle des Ursulines

Breton colour from Breton painters
Historic site and monument, Artist, Chapel, Museum, Fine arts at Lannion

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  • This summer the Ursuline convent chapel at Lannion showcases the colourful work of Breton painters from the 19th Century to the present day.

    The Ursuline convent chapel in the centre of Lannion is now a fantastic exhibition space with a generous 180m2 available to artists. From July 3 to September 19 this year it is hosting an exhibition of Breton painters past and present, in a tribute to pictorial art from the late 19th century and the Pont-Aven school to the present day. Work by over thirty artists is presented here, including pieces by Geneviève Asse, François Dilasser, Paul Elie Gernez, Yvonne Jean-Haffen, Jean Julien Lemordant, Lucien Simon, Paul Sérusier, Pierre Tal Coat, Maurice Denis and Jacques Burel, all of which reveal the artists’ very personal approaches to their art. This is a fantastic initiative arising from a partnership with the Roche Jagu departmental estate, the museums of Morlaix and Brest, and the Breton Regional Contemporary Arts Fund (FRAC - Fonds régionaux d'art contemporain).
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