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Festival Fisel

Festival Fisel

Fiery fest-noz in Rostrenen
Workshops, Concert, Dance, Fest-Deiz / Fest-Noz, Festival, Show, Cultural, Dance, Music, Traditions and folklore at Rostrenen

  • Each year, people link little fingers to enjoy a frenzy of dancing at the Fisel festival. As well as dancing, the programme comprises music from the Celtic world and further afield. There's nothing better than a good 'fest-noz' - as they say in Breton - or a night of festivity to Celtic rhythms, in layman’s terms.

    Every year, at the end of August, lovers of Celtic culture and inquisitive visitors gather to enjoy the unusual Fest-noz rituals held here. The festival began as a dancing competition held in Bonen; however the energy deployed there by the Celtic circle quickly became contagious and the festivities spread to the streets of Rostrenen. The event now takes place at the Kenroperh hippodrome and welcomes 6,000 revellers, eager to let rip in rounds of traditional dancing. But people also come to enjoy an extremely open-minded musical line-up: you can hear music from Irish to Ethiopian and styles ranging from gypsy swing to electro. 'When and where?' you ask. At the Fisel festival, every year at the end of August in Rostrenen. It’s a bewitching experience not to be missed.
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  • From August 27, 2020 until August 30, 2020
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