Le Biche

A legend: Biche the last Dundee-rigged tuna boat in Groix
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  • For an afternoon or a fishing-trip for tuna, Biche will welcome you aboard for a maritime experience that you really have to have once in your life!

    The last evidence of sailboat fishing for tuna, this unique Dundee-rigged boat symbolises the golden days of this activity. This is what the crew will enable you to discover while you're on board. Once out at sea, its long and supple spinnaker poles tow lines and hooks with picturesque names: 'grand plomb', 'bonhomme' or 'sabaille', or even 'mange M'. And they catch tuna as though that were ... their job. The rigging is continually being changed according to the needs of the fishing lines that claw at the smooth surface of the wake. The valiant Dundee rigger responds to the slightest touch by the boss and so it can still continue to fish even at 5 or 6 knots. Inside the boat, there is a place to rest and to share a convivial dish, because fishing and the sea make you hungry. The joys of sailing, approaching ten knots, standing on a solid deck, enjoying the pace and the excitement of fishing, that's what Biche is all about.
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