Le Monde de Carabreizh

Caramel World
Crafts and technical visits at Landévant

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  • A specialist in the production of salted butter caramel, the confectioner Carabreizh reveals its secrets in an entertaining shop which is bound to whet your appetite.

    How is caramel made? Maybe you know… but do your kids? The Monde de Carabreizh (Carabreizh World) offers a discovery session in a vibrant setting aimed at families with children. Featuring four themed rooms, with games, films and quizzes, this discovery centre unveils the recipes used in the business and gives helpful advice from chefs. Pride of place is given to 'Loustiks', their speciality fruit drops. A pinch of culture, a sprinkling of humour, a good helping of games… The visit will end with you in hysterics as you pass through the hall of mirrors and visual illusions (featuring curved mirrors and virtual levitation). Then it’s time for the long-awaited tasting session…
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