Site des mégalithes de Locmariaquer

Menhirs, dolmen and tumulus: all present and correct!
at Locmariaquer

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  • Come and learn about megalithic civilisation and architecture, and get a fantastic view over the Gulf of Morbihan and Quiberon Bay at the same time!

    At the megalithic site in Locmariaquer you will find the three most emblematic monuments of Breton megalithic architecture: the 'Er Grah de Locmariaquer’ tumulus, the broken standing stone (menhir), and the ‘Table des Marchands’, or Merchants’ Table, dolmen. But first, go through the welcome centre, where you’ll discover a host of information on megalithic art in Brittany. These Neolithic monuments were the focus of archaeological digs and restoration between 1986 and 1992. The group of stones, formerly accessible to the public, is today closed off. The stones were erected between 4500 and 3700 BC and bear witness to a period of prehistory that saw the sedentarisation of man, and the beginnings of raising livestock and farming, pottery, weaving etc. At the time, communities made their home on the vast plains that had yet to be covered by the rising sea level.
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