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The workshop with a unique twist

Create your own Breton bowl... and enjoy all the benefits of this unique experience!
IdeallyWith friends
Led byAntoine


  • The satisfaction of creating YOUR own Breton bowl (and all that goes with it)
  • Unique pieces, handcrafted from start to finish
  • A moment of fun and creativity to start your day!



Are you staying in the Gulf of Morbihan? Then why not join Antoine in Baden for a 100% Breton creative workshop? This workshop will give you the chance to create your very own version of the famous first name bowl that adorned the shelves of your childhood! You can stamp stars, engrave quirky messages… And why not even draw a unicorn? After some technical training in moulding and plate making, it’s time to let your imagination run wild! Grab your brushes, markers and stencils and create a bowl that’s uniquely yours. A wonderful artistic experience to share with your friends and family.

Starting at


 per person

Your Breton expert


Have you always been interested in pottery?

When I left Ireland for Brittany in 2020, I dove head first into the world of pottery. To tell you the truth, I was already very familiar with the business: my wife has been a ceramist for fifteen years. I was ready to give it my all!


I’m not really a creative person… Is this workshop for me?

Of course it is! The techniques and tools we explore in the workshop can be mastered by anyone. When it’s time to decorate or personalise, let yourself go – I’ll be there to guide you. Your designs will be unique, the only ones of their kind in the world, I promise… and that’s what makes them so special!


At the end of 2 hours, do I leave with a complete set?

Not quite: your pottery will need to be left to dry and then fired twice. Your creations will be ready to use after about a week. But don’t worry – you can pick them up from the workshop, or I can send them to you by post. And then you will have a piece of pottery with which you can proudly say: “I made this”!


Starting point

Meet at 12 Rue des Artisans, 56870 Baden

This experience includes

A 2-hour workshop to create your own Breton bowl, plate, egg cup and spoon.
Personalising all the elements of the “breakfast” set.
Learning about the materials used and the history of the Breton bowl.

Useful information

The workshop takes place in the morning or afternoon, subject to availability
Groups of up to 8 people
€50 per person, with discounts for families available upon request
Workshop available in English (upon request)

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