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From Trégastel to Île Grande

Departure: Pors Coz
Arrival: Saint-Sauveur

Now it’s time to move west, to the Renote Peninsula: 50 shades of pink and blue amidst stacks of rocks. The site is splendid and the imagination runs away. When you get to Grève Blanche, you have two options: continue on the GR® or make things a little more exciting by kayaking to Ile Grande. It’s a great way to discover the coast from the sea, close to the rocks! Land-based granite chaoses, a succession of islands and a port (Landrellec) are on the programme. On land, travel through millennia to Saint-Uzec standing stone and the Covered Alley of Prajou Menhir.

Team kayak, the return

The Trégastel Water Sports Club will provide the vessel, equipment and advice to discover the coast and its islands differently. No pressure: you can also wait for the Île Grande Water Sports Centre to enjoy the water; the bay is particularly well-suited to beginners.

      Intermediate to skilled level

21 km – Around 5h30 of walking

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