The Lanvaux and Malestroit Moors

A mixture of unspoilt heathland and megalithic sites

Picture 1 The Lanvaux and Malestroit Moors Picture 2 The Lanvaux and Malestroit Moors Picture 3 The Lanvaux and Malestroit Moors Picture 4 The Lanvaux and Malestroit Moors Picture 5 The Lanvaux and Malestroit Moors

Crossing the Morbihan from east to west, the Lanvaux Moors offer an unspoilt panorama criss-crossed by hiking trails and dotted with pockets of forest. A natural setting, filled with a variety of flora and fauna, and exceptional megalithic sites. Take your time! A stone's throw away, the mediaeval town of Malestroit is well worth a visit.

Come and enjoy this wonderful, unspoilt landscape! Here the granite ridge stretches for tens of kilometres, with moorland reaching 175 metres above sea level, providing an unexpected panorama of heather and broom that colour the ground with their shimmering hues. Fans of flora and nature cannot fail to be delighted, as the moors are home to many protected species, such as the Royal Fern or the Bog Asphodel with its pretty yellow flowers.

Black Woodpeckers and Quimper Snails

The Lanvaux moors are one of the Morbihan's most typical landscapes. Round every corner you will find chapels and megalithic monuments, such as the Quenouille de Gargantua (Gargantua's Spindle) in Plaudren or the Larcuste Cairn in Colpo. And if you look carefully you will also spot a number of endangered species on these moors, such as the Black Woodpecker and the Quimper Snail.

Where is 'La Truie-qui-file'?

Malestroit is a really pretty little mediaeval town! The gabled, two-storey wooden houses and the sculptured gargoyles bear witness to the town’s rich past. Stop for a minute in Place du Bouffay and look at the house of 'La Truie-qui-file' (The Spinning Sow), decorated with comic figures: can you spot the sow with its spindle, or the bagpipe-playing rabbit?

Did you know?

Saddle up!

A cycle trail passes through the lovely little town of Malestroit. Around 50 kilometres long, it runs along a disused railway line, from Questembert to Mauron - a great way to get to nearby Saint-Marcel and Ploërmel.

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