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La Baule Bay

Blue as the sky or green as grass, it’s always beautiful

One of the most beautiful bays in the world, La Baule owes its reputation to its beach, which is one of the longest in Europe. It runs for 9 km, from Pornichet to Pouliguen, and has a chic image thanks to its prestige hotels, historic villas and classy activities.

Discover La Baule Bay

Best of all, without a doubt, is the vast La Baule beach. Its fine sand sweeps round in a semicircle facing the sea. Paddling along the sea’s edge is great fun; children get together in the beach clubs and grown-ups swim in the gently lapping water, while at low tide there’s plenty of space for beach games. You’ll see people in their striped Breton sweaters walking along the promenade, or jogging, plugged in to their smartphones, or cycling along with the wind in their hair.

Look harder and you’ll see a succession of little inlets all the way along the coast beyond the ports of Pouliguen and Pornichet. Along the coastal path are beaches that are favourite haunts of locals, such as the one at Bonne-Source.

New ideas blown in with the yachts

The harbours on either side of La Baule confirm the resort’s sailing credentials. Sails of all colours brighten up the horizon; this bay is an ideal place to be introduced to the pleasures of dinghy sailing, following in the footsteps of famous yachtsmen the Peyron brothers and the Pajot brothers! For board sports, you can try surfing, kitesurfing and stand-up paddle boarding. The clubs along the quaysides and on the beach offer sailing lessons, courses and boat trips, so you can have fun while you’re learning.

Villas in the pines

Away from the sea front, the landscape changes. From the time when the railway came to La Baule almost 150 years ago, there have been villas tucked away in the pine forest. They’re still used to host large gatherings in the summer. The ornate gables, bow windows and mosaic motifs recall the seaside fashions from different eras. A stroll in the shade of the pine trees, or a guided tour of Pornichet, from the Ker Souveraine hotel to Les Farfadets, is a great way to discover the charm and history of the area.

Did you know

La Baule, from dunes to pine forests

Once upon a time La Baule had an unimpressive beach, consisting mainly of damp sand dunes. Fortunately, in 1849, a ship owner from Nantes decided to plant some pine trees to stabilise the ground. Taking advantage of the newly planted pine forests, villas began to spring up, and the seaside resort of La Baule was born.

That special ‘art of living’ wherever you go

Whatever the time of day, leisure is done with panache here! You can see it when the horses are taken for a gallop in the morning, on the terraces of the beach restaurants, during sessions at the spa, and at the casino in the evening. You can taste it too, in the indoor market in Pornichet and the outdoor market in La Baule, and when you go to Manuel’s to try his famous Niniches (a type of lollipop). If you feel like doing something a bit less refined, you can start the evening with a drink at LeBidule, before going for a meal in a good restaurant.

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