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Le Croisic

The gateway to the Breton coastline

The laid-back vibe of this picturesque little port is a delight to experience along the quays where the fishing boats and yachts bob happily. For an insight into the town’s maritime past, amble leisurely past the town houses and old residences, the fish market and the rugged coastline dotted with villas.

Experience Le Croisic

Perched at the end of the Guérande peninsula, Le Croisic port looks out to the Pointe de Pen Bron and the Grand-Traict inlet, a maritime gulf which irrigates the salt marshes. In the 16th century, the town prospered under proud shipowners, pilots, merchants and captains to whom it owes its architectural charm. It harbours an active fishing industry to this day – fish and shellfish are still unloaded onto the town’s quays. Pleasure boating has also entered the scene amid its development as a tourist resort.


A port bathed in a multifaceted past

Mindful of not relying solely on salt, the town expanded its maritime trade by branching out into cod and sardine fishing. On arrival, boats from all over Europe tossed their ballast of stones overboard to make room for their cargo. These ballasts have formed the artificial mounds of Mont Lénigo and Mont Esprit which, today, provide lovely views over the harbour. This industrial prosperity is evident in the half-timbered houses around the inner harbour and the tall 17th-century residences lining the quays with dressed stone walls. After all the hustle-and-bustle of the port, take an invigorating walk along the Tréhic jetty, which extends out to sea over more than 800 metres!

Beaches and an aquarium for a breath of fresh air

Le Croisic soon gained prominence as a seaside resort and, in 1879, the arrival of the railway fuelled its growth as a popular tourist destination. Elegant villas appeared along the coast. Before enjoying the area’s delightful beaches, families visiting today like to dive into the world’s deep-sea wonders at the Océarium. A fascinating experience playing hide-and-seek with the coral reef fish or smiling at the sharks!

Did you know

Do you know anything about shrimp-fishing?

Le Croisic is France’s premier fishing port for pink shrimp. Incidentally, the shrimp pot was invented by René Sibille, a Le Croisic local, in 1850.

A coastal wilderness that soothes the soul

Feel like getting some fresh air? Head out along the footpath hugging the rugged coastline. Inlets, beaches and rocky waterfalls make for a stunning backdrop. Every now and then you’ll come across a holiday villa boldly perched on the cliff. The prettiest stretch runs from Port-Lin to the beach at Saint-Goustan.

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