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Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo and Saint-Jacut

The peninsula with seven beaches

If you’re looking for a beautiful seaside resort to come and spend a few days, look no further than the area around Saint-Cast-le-Guildo. The scenery is a patchwork of headlands, islands, creeks and endless beaches. Before venturing further along the Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer peninsula, start with a walk by the coast to see the castle ruins.

Experience Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo and Saint-Jacut

Saint-Cast-le-Guildo experienced a tourist boom in the late 19th century thanks to the painter Marinier. So fond was he of the headland that he bought it and, together with his son-in-law, built hotels and villas there. Nowadays a popular family seaside destination beloved for its seven beaches and gorgeous coastal walks, Saint-Cast is a must on any trip to Brittany’s Emerald Coast. Begin with a tour of the formidable ruins of the feudal castle in Le Guildo, once the home of Gilles de Bretagne, before exploring the peninsula.

Breathe in the refreshing sea breeze!

Setting off from the Ar Vro residence, the tourist trail leads all the way to the Pointe de la Garde. Glamorous villas abound in this neighbourhood! It’s little wonder when you see the stunning views over Les Ebihens archipelago and Saint-Jacut peninsula from here. Then make your way up to the Pointe de Saint-Cast and the port. Some fishing boats still catch scallops and spider crabs here.

Did you know

A catch for shellfish gatherers!

If any of you enjoy gathering shellfish down on the seashore… you’ll love it here! At low tide, set off on foot to the private island of Les Ebihens. This is a popular spot among other walkers too for its 17th-century Vauban tower and plentiful supply of shellfish. Cockles, clams, warty venus… the most delicious meal awaits!

A long and slender village full of charm

The Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer peninsula was once an island, and for a long time made a living from mackerel and ray fishing. These days it is a laid-back seaside resort, with eleven ruggedly scenic beaches! The village streets are a lovely place to stroll, bathed in a unique atmosphere. Here, the rows of houses are built along the length of the peninsula. This is a tactical decision, to protect them from the wind.

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