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Brocéliande Forest

A mysterious place, the birthplace of legends

Who hasn’t heard of the legend of King Arthur? It originates in the magnificent Brocéliande Forest, among moors and lakes. The mere mention of this place conjures up a wonderful world populated by the fairy Vivien, Merlin the Wizard, Lancelot and others. A magical site to discover on some lovely walks.

Discover Brocéliande Forest

Inhabited in the 9th century by King Salomon, Comper Castle goes hand-in-hand with a walk in Brocéliande Forest. While legend says that it was home to the fairy Vivien, today it is home to the Centre de l’imaginaire arthurien, which organises exhibitions, shows and walks. To refresh your memory, or to learn more about the forest and these wonderful tales, go to La Porte des Secrets inPaimpont. Children and adults will love it.

Unfaithful lovers, be warned!

Off to the Valley of No Return! According to legend, this narrow valley is where Vivien imprisoned unfaithful husbands who ventured here. Lancelot, a brave knight abducted by the fairy, thwarted the spell by facing the dragons and released the prisoners. Today, the 11-km Landes de Gurwant walking circuit will take you to several legendary sites: Trécesson castle, Vivien’s house or the giants’ tomb.

Did you know

Live the legend!

Visit Brocéliande Forest following a guide wearing period costume and carrying a Celtic harp… What a great way to rediscover the mythical tales of this enchanted site. Are you ready?

A fountain with magical bubbles

Barenton fountain is steeped in legend. This is where Merlin the Wizard, lost in the woods, is said to have met Vivien. The water from this fountain sparkles with bubbles that are said to be magical. They are said to cure ringworm, calm fools and help young women to find a husband.  If you dream of youth, the Fountain of Youth is nearby…

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