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Trémelin Lake and the ‘Chambre aux Loups’

Water adds enchantment to the valleys and moorlands

At the edge of Brocéliande, two vast mirrors of water sparkle amongst the rocks, moorland and forest. Near Iffendic, the ‘Chambre aux Loups’ (Wolf’s Chamber) and Trémelin Lake capture the essence of Brittany’s natural environment: sites full of enchantment, inviting you to dream and explore.

Discover Trémelin Lake and the ‘Chambre aux Loups’

The vagaries of geology and erosion have carved away the multi-layered rock to create the steep-sided valley of the Chambre aux Loups. A cool stream runs into a lake, through the pleats and folds of the red schist. The valley’s steep sides, which at some points reach a height of 35 metres, have earned the site its proud nickname of ‘Grand Canyon’. You’ll be spellbound as you peer over the edge.

A great escape, where real life meets legend

The GR 37 ‘Tour of Brocéliande’ long-distance footpath crosses this fairytale landscape. There’s plenty to look at while you’re giving your leg-muscles a workout. The purple of the rocky outcrops mingles with the gold of the broom and the colourful patches of lichen. When the gorse is veiled in early morning mists or cloaked in the evening shadows, the ridge take on the shape of a wolf’s muzzle raised to the skies. But there’s nothing to be scared of: legend explains that the only time this beast wakes up is when he has to drive foreign invaders off Celtic lands.

Get back to nature

Two kilometres away across the woodland, Trémelin Lake and its surroundings cover an area of 220 hectares. This unspoiled area includes two nature zones that have protected status because of their flora, fauna and ecology. It’s a great place for bird watching, and there’s a wide variety of plants to see. The footpaths and mountain biking trails bring you up close to all these natural treasures. There’s also an interpretation trail around the lake, focusing on trees and birds.

Did you know

Stone Age man with a practical streak

Stone arrowheads dating from the late Stone Age have been found on the site of the Chambre aux Loups. It’s believed that hunters used the steep-sided valley as a lookout post to shoot at animals trapped in the neck of the gully.

A lake that’s whatever you want it to be!

The lake itself, together with its 5 km of landscaped banks, is more relaxed and family-friendly. The time you spend there can be packed with activities, or just peaceful and relaxed. If you feel like basking in the sun, you can go for a swim (a lifeguard is on duty during July and August) and then lie on the beach. From the bank, or in a kayak or float tube, fishermen keep their eyes on the floats on their lines. There are some surprising fish down there. Alone or in groups, fresh water sailors (and the water is definitely fresh here!) go out in pedaloes, canoes, sailing boats or motor boats. For the more adventurous, there’s a tree-top trail with a giant zip-wire. Each to his (or her) own!

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