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Medieval town and capital of the andouille

Guémené-sur-Scorff, which has the « Little Town of Character » label, is bathed by the Scorff river. On the banks, stylish houses sit alongside manors, chapels, fountains, etc., and the heritage of the princes of Rohan-Guémené. Every meat fan knows about its artisanal production of andouille made with pig intestines.

Discover Guémené-sur-Scorff

This medieval town nestled in the dales formed by the Scorff grew around its castle mound. It quickly became very prosperous and hosted large fairs that attracted a lot of people. As you wander amidst the half-timbered houses, the surprising little streets, the Maison du Sénéchal, the leper house and the terraced gardens, you’ll find traces of this medieval past. Among the imposing remains marked with the stamp of the Rohan-Guéméné family, one of the most prestigious families in France, you can visit the guard room, the spiral staircase of Tour Prison, the gatehouse and the astonishing « Queen’s Baths », a private heat chamber inherited from Roman hypocausts and Turkish baths.

Did you know

The traditional jacket has so many buttons that the outfit of Guémené-sur-Scorff is nicknamed « the costume with a thousand buttons ».

A tasty invitation

Guémené is known for the wealth of its architecture and is also a gastronomical hotspot. Here, you can taste the famous andouiille, crêpes drizzled with cider, and the famous potato crackers, a speciality of the region. Charming pubs are ideal for a drink or food in a warm atmosphere where there is often music too.

Unmissable places

  • The half-timbered houses (15th century), the gabled houses, the wash houses
  • The half-timbered houses (15th century), the gabled houses, the wash houses
  • The medieval heat chambers « The Queen’s Baths “
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