Huelgoat Forest

Fantastic landscapes and legendary forest

The birthplace of many Celtic legends, Huelgoat forest is above all known for the curiosity and beauty of its rocks: a heap of rounded boulders with a chaotic arrangement which inspire many tales. The Argent river, the domain of the fairies of Huelgoat, meanders through here.

Discover Huelgoat Forest

Situated in the Armorica Regional Natural Park, Huelgoat forest (which means “tall wood” in Breton) has forever inspired folk tales. Rocks with strange shapes, standing stones and sites with mysterious names refer to King Arthur, the devil or the Virgin Mary. Don’t miss the Chaos du Moulin, the Argent river, devil’s cave, devil’s chasm, Camp d’Artus, etc.

Don’t upset Gargantua

How did this rocky chaos come about? According to legend, when Gargantua was passing through the region, he requested hospitality from the forest’s inhabitants. Furious when all he received was a buckwheat gruel, he made his way to Léon. In revenge, he threw all the rocks he found on his way to the site of the current chaos. What a commotion!

Did you know

Can you make it shake?

Weighing over 100 tonnes, this giant stone called the “Shaking Rock” trembles slightly with a single push. Even a child can make it move. You just have to find the right spot … Ready for the challenge?

Legendary figures

As you walk, you can have fun identifying the original and bizarre shapes made by the rocks. There is the Ménage de la Vierge, which the people of Huelgoat believe to be the Virgin Mary’s first house, with a pot, a ladle, a fork, a bed and an umbrella.  Further, the Grotte d’Artus is the resting place of the king of the Bretons, Arthur, and in his camp (Camp d’Artus) you might find the famous treasure that Merlin the Wizard entrusted to the guardian spirits here.

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