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From Bénodet to Ile-Tudy, via Sainte-Marine

So much to see between two rivers

Welcome to this stretch of coastline nestled to the south of the tip of Finistère. Between Pays Fouesnantais and Pays Bigouden, this is where the Odet and the Pont-l’Abbé river have chosen to embrace the Atlantic. The space between them is a choice setting for three delightfully charming seaside resorts: Bénodet, Sainte-Marine and Ile-Tudy. A programme filled with strolls and the gentle life.

Discover From Bénodet to Ile-Tudy, via Sainte-Marine

With two lighthouses, four fine sandy beaches, one clear-water lagoon, unique landscapes combining a coastal river, the ocean and magical views, Bénodet is a gem on the Southern Finistère. Enjoy a stroll along its seafront, with a compulsory visit to the artisan ice cream maker! Discover the white villa, Alhambra, with its unique architecture; enjoy a thalasso session; or take a cruise on the Odet, “the most beautiful river in France” and the nearby Glénan islands. From Cornouaille bridge to Mousterlin dune, there’s so much to like!

Sainte-Marine: A pink house…

Cross the majestic Cornouaille bridge or hop in the P’tit Bac ferry, which takes pedestrians and cyclists across the Odet every half hour in peak season. In just 5 minutes, you’ll be on the other side, in Sainte-Marine. With its rocky coves and pine groves, it’s only natural to want to keep this piece of paradise to yourself! You’ll love its little chapel, its pink sailors’ shelter and the dolce vita atmosphere. After a break on a waterside terrace, head to the lighthouse and Pointe de Combrit with its ocean views.

Did you know

Headdresses over 30 centimetres long!

The bigoudene headdress … A symbol of Brittany. But did you know that laying this headdress required over half an hour? From 1880 to the 1950s, when it disappears, its lenght grew steadily, reaching up to 32 centimeters. It is now worn during folk festivals.

Tudy: an island between the sky and the water

Ile Tudy emerges a little further to the west, via the coastal path or via boat. In fact it’s more of a peninsula than an island, as a dyke protects it from the wrath of the ocean! The former canneries, legacies of its sardine-fishing past, are now a holiday centre, a water sports centre and a lively slipway. Walking through its little streets with low-rise houses, with a fleeting view of the sea and Perdrix lighthouse, is a joy. From the river to the ocean, from little hideaways to huge beaches, breathe in the sense of freedom. Between relaxation and the pleasures of water sports, you’ll fall in love with it!

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