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A family resort with pink sandstone

With 10 fine sandy beaches, an active fishing port known for its delicious scallops, walking trails and everywhere the inimitable colour of pink sandstone, Erquy has a lot to offer. You’ll love it!

Discover Erquy

With friends or family, at any time of day and in every season, Erquy never fails to be charming. As the leading clam and scallop fishing port, the docks of Erquy live by the tides. From November to March, from the car park near the slipway, observe the fishermen as they unload their bags of scallops before selling them at the fish market. Then take a stroll through the streets paved in pink sandstone. Do not confuse with granite! The local rock is the result of layers of sand dating 470 million years.

Yellow in the spring, purple in the summer

Did you know that the moors of Cap d’Erquy are one of the most remarkable natural sites in the area? With sand dunes and pink sandstone cliffs, the wild moors are adorned with changing colours. Go in the early spring when the gorse flowers give it a bright yellow hue. In June, bell heather imposes its characteristic violet colour.

Did you know

The town of Asterix and Obelix?

Everyone knows about the famous indomitable village, don’t they? Three rocks off the Breton coast and quarries? Of course, it has to be Erquy! It is said to have inspired Uderzo who spent his childhood holidays in the region…

All the senses are awake

Open your eyes, nostrils and ears and appreciate the colours of the flora, the scents of the moors and the cries of the sea birds. Cap d’Erquy can be explored by foot thanks to three excursions starting in the pre-historic hamlet of Tu-es-Roc, north of the town. You will discover the ruins of an 18th-century guardhouse and of an old heated-shot furnace. Beyond the headland, continue your walk towards Fort la Latte along the Sentier des Douaniers. You’ll come across a succession of beaches and coves that are among the loveliest on the north coast.

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