The Carnac alignments

To find the beach, follow the pebbles!

The town has three sites in one! Naturally there are the famous fields of megaliths, to admire in the low-light of the morning or at the end of the day.  There is the town, where everyone comes on market days. And Carnac beach, with luxury villas, maritime pines and fine sand.

Discover The Carnac alignments

Let’s start with a weather update: with over 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, Carnac is on one of the sunniest coasts in Brittany. Combined with the capes and the gentle coves, it’s easy to understand why the resort is so successful. Tourism developed from 1903 when Carnac-plage was created on a lagoon, partially transformed into salt marshes. Les Salines, a site frequented by birds, still testifies to this past.

Standing stones everywhere!

It’s difficult to compete! There are 3,000 standing stones in the moors, tracing lines of around 1 km long. It is one of the most extraordinary concentrations of standing stones in the world. The most impressive alignments are those of Menec, Kerlescan and Kermario. Alongside them is the tumulus of Saint Michel and the giant of Manio, a standing stone 6.50 m tall. And Obelix had nothing to do with it! The standing stones were erected between 5,000 and 3,000 years B.C.! Many theories, including some really crazy ones, attempt to explain these monuments. Their astronomical purpose is often mentioned. The museum of pre-history will teach you more about this, as well as about our ancestors’ lives, without removing any of the mystery that shrouds the sites.

Did you know

What does “Carnac” mean?

The name Carnac comes from the Celtic word Karn, which means stone or rock, also found in the word Cairn, used to describe a stone tumulus.

Easy living

After the Neolithic period, we move on to the Renaissance! In the town, the porch of Saint-Cornély church, from the 17th century, is topped with a remarkable openwork canopy. On the large door, two sculpted bulls are a reminder that Saint Cornély protects horned animals. Inside, the pulpit is a masterpiece of ironwork. Inside and outside, Carnac is always stylish! Both authentic and cosmopolitan, the resort has five beaches on the edge of pine trees which hide the seaside residences. On the 2-km Grande Plage, the yacht club confirms the prestige of the place. Dive into this atmosphere of well-being!

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