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Brest 2020 ‑ International maritime festivalsBrest: July 2022
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Brest ‑ International maritime festivals

Brest: July 2022

A fleet of over 1,000 boats meets in the bay, providing a unique opportunity to visit the most splendid vessels in the world and the learn about the different maritime cultures from around the globe, all in a musical and festive atmosphere: it takes place in July, every four years, in Brest.

A hymn to the sea and to navigation

The Maritime Festivals are first of all a swarm of boats from all over the world, from the mythical sailing shops of times gone by to the most recent arms ships of the French Navy. It’s the opportunity to watch incredible parades, to take part in races or manoeuvres, to climb on-board mythical ships and even to set sail! The oceans are a link between populations. At this 8th edition, you will set sail for a tour of the world in five stops, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, passing though the Poles. There are five scenic spaces to explore the diversity of maritime traditions and construction methods, cultures, music, songs, arts and crafts, food, etc. The ocean, the driving force behind the climate and a current hot topic, is at the heart of Brest 2020. It’s the opportunity for scientists to share the results of their research and to propose meaningful solutions for the future. Traditional sailing boats, a festive atmosphere, openness to the world and to the challenges of today and the future, that’s what Brest 2020 is all about!

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