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Sound and light shows at Bon-Repos abbeySaint-Gelven - August 2024
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Sound and light shows at Bon-Repos abbey

Saint-Gelven - August 2024

Every summer for the past 25 years, Bon-Repos abbey has become a stage at nightfall, where you can watch the story of Central Brittany unfold, from Neolithic times to the Chouan uprising at the end of the 18th century – all shown in an amazing ‘son et lumière’ sound and light show.

Bon-Repos abbey comes alight at night

From the days of Conomor, Brittany’s own Bluebeard, through to the Crusades, via the Roman invasion – go back in time as you relive the history of the wonderful Cistercian abbey of Bon-Repos. This magical two-hour show will allow you to see the big picture – with 2,000 costumes, 400 actors and extras, hundreds of chariots and carriages, horses, farm animals … From the Neolithic age to the French Revolution, eight epic sagas come to life in front of you, as giant pictures are projected onto the walls and stages, accompanied by pyrotechnic special effects and a musical soundtrack – all involving incredible technology. Projected onto a two-hectare stage using the abbey walls as its backdrop, this sound and light show, complete with jousting and battle scenes, will work magic on the whole family.

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