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Close to nature

Escapes and outings for budding explorers

Relax and recharge your batteries… That’s what holidays are all about! Head for Brittany and go green: walking or cycling along the footpaths or on storytelling walks in the forest, barefoot or on the zip-wire, everything is designed to help you enjoy the good things in life, without ever getting bored.

Open the doors to the imagination

Brocéliande and its Arthurian legends, Huelgoat and its rock weighing over 100 tons that even a child can move, the mysterious moorlands of the Monts d’Arrée mountains… There’s no shortage of legendary scenery in Brittany. Look out, because in this region you run the risk of meeting magicians and ‘korrigans’, the mischievous Breton pixies. How about having a storyteller with you on your walk? They might have a touch of magic about them, and they‘ll tell fabulous stories that will keep the kids enthralled.

‘Tales and Legends’ themed Brittany Experiences

Get back in touch with nature

Little carnivorous plants in the marshes, seals lying on islets, gigantic ancient trees and rocky outcrops: Brittany is full of geological, plant and animal curiosities and oddities. It makes for some surprising walks. Want to know more? Follow a nature guide. Your guide will explain the landscapes and help children understand the importance of protecting these treasures.

Nature excursions in Brittany

Give us gardens…

Bring the whole family to Brittany’s botanical gardens, where there’s something to please everyone! Gardens dedicated to prehistoric and exotic plants, mazes, big play areas, sensory trails follow barefoot or blindfold… surrounded on every side by irises, rhododendrons and scented lilacs!

Brittany’s parks and gardens


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