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Things to do with 3- to 6-year-oldsElves and pixies explore nature

Things to do with 3- to 6-year-olds

As intrepid as elves and as inquisitive as Breton pixies, your kids are no longer tied to your apron strings. The want to explore the world and try new experiences. Brittany is the perfect playground for partners-in-crime to spend their time in total safety!

We’ll tell you tales of Brittany

With its legendary forests and wild moorland inhabited by goblins, Brittany is full of mysteries and treasures. A walk led by a storyteller or guide is a great way to explore it all: the former will tell your kids fabulous stories, the latter will let them into the secrets of the amazing plants and geology around them. Guaranteed to keep them enthralled!

Discover the animals’ daily routine

Does the animal world fascinates your kids and are they always asking questions? How can fish breathe underwater? How can bats see at night? Take the family to the many zoos, aquariums and educational farms in the region. They’ll find amazing answers to the questions that puzzle them, they’ll watch displays and even be able to touch some of the animals.

Totally safe toddler trails!

Are you up for a tree-top trail? Most venues have fully protected trails, suitable for children aged 3 and over. Climbing trees like a monkey, leaping from branch to branch, isn’t that what every kid dreams of… even big kids?

Chilled out holidays guaranteed!

When you’re on holiday, you probably dream of completely unwinding, while your kids want to play without being treated like babies. The accommodation and restaurants in Brittany featured on this website are committed to doing everything they can to make your holiday a success. Varied and balanced kids’ menus, games and books available in the accommodation… Everything you need for a chilled out holiday!

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