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Things to do with 6- to 9-year-oldsKnights and princesses set off on an adventure

Things to do with 6- to 9-year-olds

Your children have heroes: knights, fairies, Peter Pan, Princess Fiona, and of course you! Inquisitive and full of energy, they want to be just like their heroes, so why not make the most of a holiday in Brittany to learn more about these characters, and play at being adventurers in a natural setting?

Fairies, knights and Breton corsairs: let your imagination run free

Are your children fascinated by beautiful princesses and valiant knights? Then they’ll love Brittany, a unique land of castles and legends. Many sites have activities to keep your kids enthralled as they find out more about day-to-day life during those heroic times. If they want to know even more, there’s plenty to explore in the museums of Brittany where they can find out about the region’s iconic figures, including King Nominoë, Duchess Anne, the knight Du Guesclin and the corsairs of Saint-Malo. It’s a magical world where dreams come to life!

Parks to enjoy nature in a fun way

Just like their heroes, your kids have dozens of adventures every day without ever getting tired: starting with a morning warm-up of jumping out of bed and climbing on the sofa, they need to let of steam! Head for the many amusement parks, tree-top adventure trails and theme parks in Brittany: they’ll be launching themselves down giant slides, bouncing around on trampolines, whizzing down zip-lines and enjoying the rides… all in complete safety.

Saddle up!

If you’re on a roll and looking to enjoy the Breton countryside, hire a few bikes! Everyone in the family can grab a helmet and jump on a bike to explore these unspoiled landscapes at your own pace. But remember: your children have more staying power than athletes. You have been warned!

Hold a steady course, sailor!

On the coast, your budding little sailors will want to follow in the wake of the great Breton corsairs and navigators. There are plenty of trips in the region that are ideal for families who want to explore the coast easily and safely: by kayak, by boat or even propelled along by fins. To go even further afield, board a Breton sailboat: your children could help with manoeuvres and hoist the sails of these old riggings, just like real little sailors!

Ensuring you have a stress-free holiday!

Your kids are all grown-up now… at least, that’s what they think! During the holidays, you want your children to enjoy a bit more freedom, but obviously not at the expense of their safety. The restaurants and accommodation featured on this website are committed to doing everything they can to ensure that your children blossom during their stay – and that you get to relax. The restaurants have special menus for children, and the accommodation has family rooms or connecting rooms with parental controls for the TV… Everyone in the family is safe and sound.

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