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Things to do with 9- to 12-year-oldsGryffindors try new experiences

Things to do with 9- to 12-year-olds

Day by day, your kids grow more perceptive and more agile. They like to try new things and find out everything about everything, like the students at Hogwarts. Spending holidays in Brittany will help them satisfy their thirst for knowledge and physical challenges.

As curious as Hermione

Sometimes your kids ask questions you can’t answer. They’re interested in everything: the Milky Way, trimarans, megaliths… And when they get hooked on a topic, they look at it from all angles until they know it inside out. Brittany has many museums, ecomuseums, science centres, planetariums etc. that cover a thousand topics: daily life in Neolithic times, building castles, deep-sea fishing, the history of telecommunications… You’re bound to find something to satisfy their curiosity!


As adventurous as Ron

Brittany also offers a vast range of activities for kids aged between 9 and 12. If yours want to stretch themselves to the limit and notch up new achievements, have fun as a family on the tree-top trail. Zip-wires, climbing, monkey bridges… They can show off their agility and courage in perfect safety.

As fast as Harry

To go even further and faster while exploring Brittany, rent bikes. The really adventurous kids will choose mountain bikes, then they’ll be able to let off steam on the mountain biking tracks and trails.

A trip with the Merpeople

Kids aged 9 and over can discover the coast on a stand-up paddleboard, kayak or sailing boat, with swimming fins or on a Hawaiian canoe. When they explore this way, everything becomes possible… well, nearly everything! New experiences go hand-in-hand with fun and safety: the excursions on offer are all accessible and easy. They’ll satisfy your seafarers’ and champion paddlers’ thirst for discovery!

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Your kids are coping better and better on their own in the restaurant and hotel… but sometimes they still need your help. The Brittany professionals featured on this site are committed to doing everything they can to ensure all members of your family stay within their comfort zone while on holiday. Your accommodation has lists of things to do nearby, sometimes they have kids’ clubs, and restaurants have menus designed for this age-group… The needs of parents and children will be taken into account.

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