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With the animals

Look, touch, and be fascinated by a variety of species

Zoos, aquariums and educational farms are designed to help your children discover marine life and wildlife in all its variety. Make the most of your holiday: from cheetahs to sea turtles, enjoy a tour of the animal world without leaving Brittany!

Farm visits: fun in the meadows

It’s not only city kids who think stables and farmyards are magical places!
Opting for a family visit to the farm will be a hit with every age group. Grooming the donkeys, feeding the lambs, petting the rabbits, hunting for eggs in the hen house… the list is endless. And when the afternoon ends with a delicious farmhouse tea, your holidays take on a little taste of paradise…

Visit the farms

Meet animals from around the world

Maybe your youngest won’t let go of his cuddly giraffe, and your eldest is fascinated by the physical prowess of wild animals? If so, head for one of Brittany’s zoos or wildlife parks, the perfect place to escape, relax and make new discoveries. And don’t forget to zoom in, like in the film Microcosmos, on some of the animal kingdoms that tend to be overlooked, such as bees, ants and bats.

Zoos and wildlife parks in Brittany

Aquariums, total immersion in the marine world

Do your children think of Nemo as a little orange and white clownfish, while you think of him as that famous Captain in Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea … Or is it the other way around? Never mind; if you’re interested in the underwater world, make sure you visit one of the region’s many aquariums. Whether they focus on the coast of Brittany or the five oceans, with outdoor tanks or touch pools, come along as a family and immerse yourself in their fascinating depths!

Aquariums in Brittany

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