Backpacking on the GR 34

From Brest to the Crozon Peninsula via Ushant

From April to September

Do you fancy a trip to the edge of the world? At the tip of Finistère, the cliffs are steeper, the ocean vaster and the adventure too good to miss! You’ll love our land and sea formula, combining hiking and sea outings to get the most out of this turbulent coast.

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Ushant Island, in the Iroise Marine Park

Departure: Port of Stiff
Arrival: Port of Conquet

Your walk to the end of the world starts… in a boat! From Brest to Ushant, the Iroise Sea puts on a wonderful show. Once on land, you will join a section of the Route des Phares, on the western side of the island. The lighthouses of Stiff, Créac’h and Nividic set the course and you’ll be blown away by the scenery. After a few twists and turns across the moors, you’ll reach Créac’h, one of the most powerful lighthouses in the world. You are overlooking the sea, at Pointe de Kadoran. The highest cliffs in Ushant are here, with a similarity to Ireland and grandiose landscapes.

   Beginner to intermediate level

16 km – Around 4h30 of walking

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From Le Conquet to Plougonvelin

Departure: The Port
Arrival: Pointe of Créac’h

Back on the mainland, follow the GR which twists above the ocean. With each turn, you’ll have a new view as far as Pointe Saint-Mathieu and its lighthouse. Will you climb the 163 steps? Your reward will be an incredible view of the coast. Coming up: a series of cliffs and coves, with incredible views of the Crozon Peninsula. Pointe de Pen-Hir and Tas de Pois are already emerging. Well, you asked for wild beauty, so you’ve got it! Bertheaume Fort, an impressive stone vessel, stands on its island. You can storm it with the zip line on the adventure trail, 40 metres above the water!

Adrenaline junkie

The coastal canyons appear with the tides; it would be a shame not to explore. Rando Mer * will get you kitted out and take you on a memorable canyoning session to discover caves and secret breaches. Splash, in the water! It’s a Natura 2000 site, don’t forget. So don’t leave anything behind…

* subject to booking and availability

    Intermediate to skilled level

13 km – Around 3h30 of walking

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03 Step 03

From Plougonvelin to Plouzané

Departure: Pointe of Créac’h

Arrival: Sainte-Anne du Portzic

Before arriving at Brest bay, you’ll follow the coast line, which appears to soften.  Trez-Hir bay and Bertheaume bay reveal their charms and surfing spots. Rising from the moor, forts and military vestiges peacefully keep guard. Petit Minou lighthouse rises up on its tip. It watches over the Goulet de Brest, a strait linking Brest bay to the Atlantic Ocean. From the cornice trail, the bay unfolds with Ile Longue in sight. In the distance, you can see the ballet of boats leaving the ports and the white façades of the arsenal town.

Your legs have done all the work so far, what about the arms?

Answer: sea rowing! In Bertheaume Bay, join a rowing crew* for a sporty outing to the rhythm of the oars. This discreet approach is ideal for spotting seals or dolphins. Are you a solo artist at heart? Hire your equipment in advance from Brest Bretagne nautisme.

* subject to booking and availability

   Intermediate to skilled level

16 km – Around 4h30 of walking

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From Camaret to Dinan Bay

Departure: Corréjou beach
Arrival: Kersiguénou beach

The Crozon Peninsula? Situated on the other side of the bay, it’s been making eyes at you for days… To reach Camaret, you’ll need to take the shuttle: maritime, first, to cross the bay on the Brestoâ. Then by road: for €2, you will be taken from the jetty by taxi to the start of your walk, Corréjou beach. Excellent! A little walk to Toulinguet lighthouse will get you warmed up.  The undulating landscape of Pen Hat beach now makes way for steep rocks. With the wind and the waves as your soundtrack, it’s time for the highlight of the day, Pointe de Pen Hir. It’s THE sunset spot! Between the turquoise sea, the light-coloured rocks and the pine trees, the postcard images unfold from Pointe de Portzen to Kersiguénou beach.

Let’s set sail

There is nothing like a trip on a heritage sailing boat to enjoy a different view of the coast. For a half-day trip, from April to October, rest your legs on the traditional tall ship, Le Grand Bleu*. Happy.

* subject to booking and availability

  Intermediate to skilled level

17 km – Around 4h30 – 5h of walking

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  • From Paris: around 3h30 to 4 hours by LGV train

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GR34, the most coastal Grande Randonnée trail

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