Backpacking on the GR 34

From Vannes to the Quiberon peninsula via Belle‑Île‑en‑Mer

From April to September

You’ll simply love southern Brittany, with Belle-Île, the Gulf of Morbihan and its gentle lifestyle, the multi-faceted Quiberon peninsula, and so on. A combination of sea and nature, with walking and water sports aplenty.

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01Step 01

From Conleau, Vannes to Le Passage, Saint-Armel

Departure : Conleau
Arrival : Le Passage

It’s the southernmost part of Vannes. An hour’s walk from the ramparts, through a little wood and the quays, you’ll arrive at the gem of Conleau.  On the slipway, the Petit Passeur awaits you for a 3-minute boat trip to take you to Séné peninsula. You’ll travel from Port-Anna fishing port to the oyster farms, to the little fishermen’s houses, Pointe de Bill and Pointe de Montsarrac… A journey through the myriad of islands in the Gulf.  After a second mini-crossing, you’ll arrive in Saint-Armel, an incredibly charming little village. As you near the marshes, get your binoculars out and watch the birds!

No hurry to get back to dry land?

We understand perfectly. From the water, discover the Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan, between islands and oyster farms. With Enez Kapad, Arbenn Kayak or Ecole de Voile 47° nautik, it couldn’t be easier to hire a kayak, a board, a SUP or to hop on board a traditional sailing boat. Exceptional.

*Subject to availability. Booking recommended. View the calendar.

  Intermediate level

17,5  km  – Around 4 hours of walking + boat

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02Step 02

From Logeo Port in Sarzeau to Port Navalo in Arzon

Departure : Port du Logeo
Arrival : Port-Navalo

From Saint-Armel, which you can reach by taxi (14 km) or on foot, if you’re feeling motivated: But why leave Logeo port, its pretty buildings and its peaceful boats so soon? Well it’s because there are still so many breath-taking sights to see, between the coves and the 365 islands scattered in the Gulf! Beyond the Pen Castel tide mill, you’ll see Ile aux Moines. A series of turns later and you’ve arrived. Tip: keep going to Cairn de Petit Mont, an archaeological wonder with the ocean as a backdrop.

Have your legs loosened up?

Port-Navalo is a seaside resort, so what are you waiting for, get in the water! Rent a kayak from Kerners Kayak* and set off on a trip.   Friendly tip: opt for a sunset outing – effect guaranteed!

* Subject to availability. Booking recommended. View the calendar.

   Intermediate level

19 km – Around 4.30 hours of walking

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03Step 03

From Port-Navalo in Arzon to Sauzon, Belle-Île-en-Mer

Departure : Port-Navalo
Arrival : Sauzon

The day’s programme: a walk on the island. And not just any: Belle-Île, well-deserving of its name, where you will disembark feeling fresh and ready to go. From Port du Palais and its citadel, stroll along the path where the winding and turning coast will reveal its treasures. In order, the rocky point of Taillefer, with a panoramic view; inlets with transparent water; the mini Fouquet Port guarded by a fort; Pointe de Kerzo which emerges between rocks and flowering moors… Upstream of a narrow channel, a terrace awaits you among the colourful quays in Sauzon.

Do you still need more sea air?

Third step: the ocean is calling. After your walk, grab your paddle and glide across the water. With Vives Eaux*, get another point of view of the coast and the path from a kayak or SUP and fill up on the salty air!

* Subject to availability. Booking recommended.

   Skilled level

13,5 km – Around 3.30 hours of walking

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04Step 04

Belle Île-en-Mer, from Sauzon to Donnant beach

Departure :  Sauzon
Arrival : Donnant beach

Now you’re here, you’ll want to stay! This stopover in Belle-Ile promises a wonderful natural experience. From little beaches to rocky masses, the path leads to Pointe des Poulains. It’s windy, but what a view! To reach the lighthouse, stay focused on the tide: if it’s high, you won’t be able to get there. Follow the cornice path to Grotte de l’Apothicaire, with the waves hitting the cliffs in the background. You’re there! Overlooking the ocean, the wind and the path will take you to Donnant Beach and its impressive dunes.

Now is the time to show off your surfing skills

Oriented west, Donnant captures the waves directly from the ocean. It’s the perfect spot for surfing! The Belle-Ile Surf Club or Ty School have it all – including the blonde locks – to teach you in safety.

   Skilled level

18 km – Around 5 hours of walking

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05Step 05

Belle-Ile-en-Mer – Saint-Pierre Quiberon, via Port-Maria in Quiberon

Departure : Le Palais
Arrival : Kerhostin

From the Palais, the Îliens company will take you back to the mainland. You can check catamaran crossing off your list now! On the peninsula, head to Pointe du Conguel: the bay of Quiberon unfolds as far as the Rhuys peninsula. Head up the coast via Port-Haliguen, then go west towards the majestic cliffs of Port-Blanc. At Pointe du Percho you’ll be able to enjoy an incredible view of the rugged coastline. The landscape eases off as the path leads to the cherished local port of Portivy. After rock comes sand!

What’s to eat?

You’ll love the Niniches, famous lollipops from Quiberon! Pop one in your bag, alongside the savoury pancakes and biscuits… made with semi-salted butter of course. To add a local touch to your picnics, don’t forget the tinned sardines, steeped in ancestral know-how.

   Intermediate level

12 km – Around 3 hours of walking

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06Step 06

From Saint-Pierre Quiberon to Plouharnel

Departure : Kerhostin
Arrival : Pratézo

It’s the last step. Let’s just recap. In your shoes: sand. In your hair: wind. In your eyes: glitter. Just after Fort de Penthièvre, via the isthmus, you’ll feel as if you’re practically walking on water. Beyond, the largest dune in Brittany rolls out its sand carpet. On the land, the dunes protect Quiberon forest, before making way for the endless horizons of Plouharnel bay and its natural areas. On the sea, if you missed the surfing session in Belle-Ile, now is the time to do it. The spot is famous and suitable for every level. There’s more to this place than just the view!

Open bar

There are water sports aplenty* near the Isthmus of Penthièvre! Nature School provides lessons and rentals. On the 7-km beach, you have a choice of fun activities: sand yachting with Passagers du Vent, surfing with ESB, SUP, kayak, kite-surf or water walking with Terre Mer Aventure. Speaking of adventures, when are we leaving?

* Subject to availability. Booking recommended. View the calendar.

  Intermediate level

11 km – Around 2.30 hours of walking

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