Backpacking on the GR 34

The Pink Granite Coast, from Tréguier to Lannion

From April to September

Be prepared, spectacular itinerary in sight! With pink granite, white sand and green moors, you’re guaranteed exceptional views. Enjoy the land, but also the sea: throw yourself in to this turquoise sea and let your mind drift away!

©Emmanuel Berthier
01 Step 01

From Tréguier to Plougrescant, by foot or kayak

Departure: Rue du Port
Arrival: Pors Hir

Your starting point is in the narrow streets of one of the most beautiful towns on the north coast. Admire the impressive line-up of the half-timbered houses as you go. Not far from here, you have to make a choice: Go down the Jaudy estuary on the trails? Gently kayak on the coastal river? Along the way, the banks become rocky. In the little oyster port of La Roche-Jaune, magical views unfold of the estuary and the islands, surrounded by the tide. Scramble across the rocks in Baie de l’Enfer and the boat cemetery, straight out of a legend.  Now you’re at Pointe de Beg Ar Vilin, a pearl among the oysters as far as the eye can see!

Team kayak, keep going! 

Did you choose to paddle? Roche Derrien Canoë Kayak* is there to guide you. On this 12-km trip, you will enjoy the landscape as you move through the calm water of the estuary. Good tip to help you move forwards: check the tide.

*Subject to availability. Booking compulsory.

    Intermediate to skilled level

12 km – Around 3h of walking

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02 Step 02

From Plougrescant to Port-Blanc

Departure: Pors Hir
Arrival: Port-Blanc

The trail leaves the Jaudy bank to reach the Channel. Look at the little houses against the granite blocks… Does it feel like Lord of the Rings? From Pointe du Château, the path follows the coast and takes you to the Gouffre, where the sea surges in a breach in the cliff. It’s astounding! Straight after, Pors-Scaff has a lovely little cove, as well as moors and rocky pinnacles that might remind you of something. That’s right, the film, A Very Long Engagement, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, was partly shot here. After Gouermel bay and its incredible view, Buguélès harbour makes its entrance. With its chain of islands and its tide mill, it is absolutely charming. A few more turns and you’ll arrive at Port-Blanc beaches.

All the fun of the sea!

This part of the coastline is wonderful for trying SUP. Go to the Port-Blanc Water Sports Centre: The islands and coves are yours to explore.

* subject to booking and availability

      Intermediate to skilled level

17 km – Around 4h30 of walking

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03 Step 03

From Port-Blanc to Louannec

Departure: Port-Blanc
Arrival: Bassin du Lenn

First, take a little detour via Notre-Dame chapel, which is half buried. The real starting point is the oratory perched on a large rock, opposite the boats. On the way, the white sand dunes stretch alongside the coastal path. They offer a captivating view, with the sea changing colour with the tides. You’ll cross beaches and marshes, following the little stone walls covered in ferns and lichen to Trestel and its magical bay. Pointe de Port Le Goff and Pointe de Port l’Epine offer up 180° views from Perros-Guirec to Plougrescant, via Tomé island.

Splash! How can you resist?

With light-coloured sand and clear water, the beaches invite you to take a dip. Just pop on an extra layer if you feel the cold!

        Intermediate to skilled level

14 km – Around 3h30 of walking

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04 Step 04

From Louannec to Trégastel

Departure: Bassin du Lenn
Arrival: Pors Coz

From Louannec, it’s downhill all the way to Perros harbour, via the Lenn maritime marsh: an ideal bird-watching spot. On the other side of the harbour, keep going to Pointe du Château. You’ve arrived. Enjoy the white sand of Trestrignel and Trestraou, two superb and protected beaches. And the pink everywhere… The most famous granite rocks in the world emerge from the water and the moors, forming odd shapes. What can you see? A hat, a bottle, a head? The imagination ignites just like the pink-hued nuances on a summer’s night! On the way, you’ll see the emblematic Ploumanac’h lighthouse keeping watch. Take a dip on Saint-Guirec beach, at the bottom of the little oratory, and here you are at the harbour, enclosed by a tide mill. As you head to Trégastel, on the Tourony peninsula, enjoy the view of the surprising Costaérès castle, in the middle of Sainte-Anne Bay.

Let’s set sail

Do you want to see the puffins and gannets close up? Sail off to the Sept Îles nature reserve, the largest colony of sea birds in France. Ar Jentilez hoists the sails for a half-day or sunset trip.

An incredible view is guaranteed if you hop on a schooner at the Perros-Guirec Water Sports Centre*; from Trestraou beach, you’ll race between the rocks.

*Subject to availability. Booking recommended.

           Intermediate to skilled level

16 km – Around 4h15 of walking

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05 Step 05

From Trégastel to Île Grande

Departure: Pors Coz
Arrival: Saint-Sauveur

Now it’s time to move west, to the Renote Peninsula: 50 shades of pink and blue amidst stacks of rocks. The site is splendid and the imagination runs away. When you get to Grève Blanche, you have two options: continue on the GR® or make things a little more exciting by kayaking to Ile Grande. It’s a great way to discover the coast from the sea, close to the rocks! Land-based granite chaoses, a succession of islands and a port (Landrellec) are on the programme. On land, travel through millennia to Saint-Uzec standing stone and the Covered Alley of Prajou Menhir.

Team kayak, the return

The Trégastel Water Sports Club will provide the vessel, equipment and advice to discover the coast and its islands differently. No pressure: you can also wait for the Île Grande Water Sports Centre to enjoy the water; the bay is particularly well-suited to beginners.

      Intermediate to skilled level

21 km – Around 5h30 of walking

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06 Step 06

From Île Grande to Trébeurden

Departure: Saint-Sauveur
Arrival: Crec’h Héry

A little tour of this large peninsula to get started! 2 hours 30 on the coastal path, between granite stacks, sheltered moorings and little coves (we bet you’ll opt for Port Gwenn, in the north, for the ultimate swimming spot). And always, this breath-taking view of a chain of islands. It’s time now to go over the bridge and back to the mainland, enjoying the light, the beaches and the endless moors as you go. Go around Quellen marsh: this chic and retro resort you can see is Trébeurden.

A journey through happiness

You thought you had (nearly) seen all there was to see on the Pink Granite Coast? Rest assured: there are still treasures to be discovered. Under the water! Go snorkelling or diving with the Trébeurden Diving Centre. Guided by professional, friendly and passionate staff… you’ll love it!

        Intermediate to skilled level

12 km – Around 3h00 of walking

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07 Step 07

From Trébeurden to Lannion

Departure: Crec’h Héry
Arrival: SNCF station

Head to Pointe du Castel and its delicate pink colours for this last day. If the tide permits, walk to Ile Milliau. In one of the guest houses on the moors, imagine yourself stranded for eternity… Come on, follow the promenade to Pointe de Bihit, which is a little steep. Your reward will be the view from Lannion bay to the foothills of Finistère. The coast becomes easier after, with little beaches and bays as far as Beg Léguer. Can you see the little restaurant over there? Enjoy a tasty snack in a breath-taking setting. Ready? Go upstream on the former towpath to the beautiful city of Lannion.

Sea legs

Why not spend part of this day on the water, on a yacht? The Trébeurden Sailing School* offers to take you around the islands to Milliau and Molène, populated with seals and sea birds. How could you refuse?

*Subject to availability. Booking recommended.

      Intermediate to skilled level

17 km – Around 4h30 of walking

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