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Fabulous cabins for chic glamping

Fabulous cabins for chic glamping

Nature and comfort: there’s no need to choose – you can have both. Perched on stilts, nestled in a tree, with a spa, in the style of a lodge or a love nest… In Brittany, wooden cabins come in a luxury grade.


1/ Among the leaves in the Vallée de Pratmeur

The Vallée de Pratmeur estate in the Morbihan department features four fabulous ‘cabin-spa-lodges’. Perched five and eight metres above the ground, these cabins are laid out on two floors and feature large windows that light up the comfortable living room. This opens onto a large 25 sq. m. covered terrace with a spa-jacuzzi. The view of the leafy green valley is breathtaking. A staircase leads up to the bedroom, where you can sink into the sunbeds on a second balcony and enjoy the peace and quiet of the treetops.

2/ Scandi-chic at the Pertuis du Rofo:

At the Pertuis de Rofo, the Nordic Lodge offers both space and comfort. This is not just a cabin, it’s a small house, with 37 square metres of floor space, perched eight metres high, overlooking the beautiful Vilaine Valley in southern Brittany. The cabin is reached via a 20m long wooden footbridge. The lounge area and two bedrooms are elegantly decorated with Scandinavian accents. As you enjoy the view from the 20 sq. m. terrace, nature really is at your fingertips!

3/ Childhood dreams at the ‘Cabin at the end of the world’:

Relive your childhood in 3-star comfort. At the ‘Cabane du bout du monde’ (‘Cabin at the end of the world’) in Lampaul-Plouarzel (Finistère), having fun is a way of life. You reach the cabin via a walkway or a climbing wall – your choice – and once inside you’re surrounded by wood, including the furniture, the children’s toys and the stove. It’s all very warm and cosy. To get out, you simply take the wooden slide down to a delightful leafy garden!

4/ A peaceful nest at La Grée des Landes

The Yves Rocher spa-cabin nestles five metres above the ground in the branches of a century-old cypress tree at La Gacilly. The spacious suite and terrace has a welcoming, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. True to the spirit of La Grée des Landes, the cabin has an eco-friendly design based on wood from French forests. Between autumn and spring, this is a peaceful little retreat, ideal for couples, with just a starry sky and singing birds for company. From June to September, the cabin becomes a spa.

5/ Cosy cocoon on stilts in the woods of Dihan

“EN TY” means ‘home’ in the Breton language and the name definitely fits this very spacious, cosy cabin on stilts on the Dihan estate in Morbihan. Every detail inside has been carefully thought out, with environmentally-friendly materials, decoration by Breton designers, and linen sheets for the queen-size bed that faces the wood-burning stove. The large, covered, south-facing terrace is the perfect place for romantic dinners. Down below, there’s a fair chance you’ll spot deer and horses.

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