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Five water sports to try out in Brittany

Surf the wave of these new trends

If you can feel the sea calling, go ahead and dive in! With its calm beaches and coastline, Brittany is the ideal destination for testing new water sports that everyone can do.

In the blink of an eye

1. Wing foil lessons

The Wing Foil

Do you want to learn to fly? Then try out the latest water sport! Wing foil is a combination of surfing, wind surfing, SUP and kite surfing. Standing on a short paddle board fitted with a hydrofoil, hold on tight to your wing as you soar up in the sky! Beginners need not worry: this thrilling activity doesn’t require much wind to get you started. To perfect your balance and handling of the wing, you’ll be pulled across the water or even on the sand for a wing speed experience, similar to land sailing. When you’ve got the hang of it, you can head off into the sea to take off and glide above the waves!

Wing Foil in Plouescat

Wing Foil in Fréhel 

2. You can walk on water!

Paddle Stepper

Stand Up Paddle is a very popular and thriving sport, although some find it difficult to manoeuvre the paddle. The Paddle Stepper solves this problem. It has a pedal and a handlebar to help maintain perfect balance. It’s very easy to handle and the handlebar can be adjusted for children. Ideal for toning your legs as you admire the landscape!

Nautical center Fouesnant Cornouaille

3. A different way to discover the coast


Coasteering is a new outdoor activity to discover the Brittany coastline in an original way. It combines abseiling, climbing, swimming and leaping into the water. You’ll need a neoprene wetsuit, helmet, harness and sports shoes.  Remember to wear a swimsuit too, to enjoy a swim in secluded places. This activity takes place on the Crozon peninsula or on the Plouha cliffs, with certified instructors who also work to preserve the natural environment.

Coastering in Crozon peninsula 


4. Kneeboard or wakeboard on calm water

Wakeboarding and kneeboarding

Wakeboarding takes place on a lake, without a motorboat but with a cable towing system. You can enjoy this environmentally-friendly and silent open-air activity in the lush nature on several lakes in Brittany. From the age of eight, children can start kneeboarding courses with an instructor. It involves kneeling on a foam board for unforgettable thrills.

West WakePark 

5. Do you know the “wave kayak”?


It’s a mix between surfing and kayaking and is a great way of surfing the waves. It’s fun and accessible to everyone, combining great surf sensations and harmony with the sea. It involves sitting on a thick surfboard, equipped with a paddle, belt and foot strap. Progress is fast. Just keep your eye out for the next wave!

Waveski with Rêves de mer

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