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Gift ideas: Brittany’s stocking fillers

The festive season’s on its way. So wouldn’t it be great to have a little bit of Brittany under the Christmas tree? Organised by materials and worlds, here’s a selection of matchless local gift ideas, all created with love and a true sense of values.

1. Sea

Sails and beauty

Surf blue beauty: bodycare boosted with active marine ingredients! Short formulas and organic ingredients with Route Mandarine, 1919 Bains de Mer and Ocean Heritage with its 100% natural Molène water treatments. Special mention for kit “727”: a rite of discovery in hand-sewn sailbags – two gifts in one. Just place the (upcycled) sails under the Christmas tree, simple and stylish as collections of unique bags and decorations: the 727 Sailbags collection in Lorient and the Vent de Voyage collection in Saint-Malo. Christmas couldn’t be more beautiful!

727 Sailbags

Vent de Voyage

2. Seashells

Purity and delicacy

The seashore’s treasures inspire local creation: Malàkio candlesticks and trays, fashioned from upcycled seashells, embellish any table. At Armeria Bijoux, their trivia, pink mini-porcelains from Finistère’s beaches, make perfect talismans: hand-set on the Crozon peninsula, they add further beauty to simple chains gilded with fine gold. And as for Perlucine cosmetics with white oyster-shell powder, we love their exfoliating, remineralising properties and divine fragrance.



3. Wool

Knit, felt and fleece

Sailor sweaters? Essentials in any self-respecting wardrobe! At Dalmard Marine and Baie des Caps, two Breton brands you can count on for quality, they’re distillations of comfort and style in autumn and winter clothing choices. The same goes for Itoha, a creator of super-soft fleece garments in Dinan and Saint-Malo…Warm and snug interiors follow suit with Héloïse Levieux’s creations – hand-crafted plaids, lampshades and poufs in wool felt. Items you can’t help falling in love with!!

Baie des Caps

Héloïse Levieux

4. Earth

Hush now, it’s growing!

Mademoiselle Breizh’s organic buckwheat infusion and gomasio, local milled oats in Gaëlle Besse’s soaps, and organic colza (it’s local too!) in soaps by La Dryade; camelina, with its thousand virtues, in Elfenn cosmetics… Here, it’s all about committed approaches and clean products! The same creative freedom in ceramics that exude organic charm: we simply adore Jérôme Colivet’s elegantly functional products from his workshop in Brocéliande Forest, Vanessa’s living tableware at Graphiste en Terre and Bols & Cie’s twisted Breton bowls. Their brilliant idea? A kit containing everything you need to decorate your bowl at home.


Graphiste en Terre

5. Wood

Tailor-made and timeless

Adventure just a bath away with Maison Tirot’s wooden toy boats. Dreams are afloat on the waves of a bathtub or pond… And for bigger kids, make way for Koad skates. They’re made of wood from sustainably managed, short-supply-chain forests, so you can glide responsibly in skateparks, as well as on the ocean – the site also has top-range surfboards on offer, as does Gawood. And if any of you on the fireside team are looking for a puzzle to get your teeth into, then Kabanon’s made-in-Rennes creations will whisk you away to your favourite cities. And as for the light fittings produced by Atelier Sophie Pinard in La Gacilly, we simply love their little extra touch of soul.

Maison Tirot


6. Fire

The breath of art

Transparency and the lightest of touches: spotlight on Ostraco, Lucile Viaud’s brand. In his workshop in Rennes, the artist creates glass objects using natural resources and local coproducts. You’ll also find originality and extraordinary finesse in the bowls, pebbles and flasks produced by Fluïd, a glassblower in Belle-Ile-en-Mer, and in Aurélie Abadie and Samuel Sauques’ contemporary glass paste casts. If you’re looking for candles, step into the light with Petits Phares: plant-based and hand-crafted from healthy ingredients… Mellow poetry for everyday use.

Bougies Petits Phares

Atelier Lucile Viaud

7. … And butter!!

You don’t just spread it on bread

Well, whatever! Demi-Sel, as reflected in the name given to those sparkling pieces of recycled leather jewellery, Breton slightly salted butter is an absolutely topping choice when it comes to gifting a dab of Brittany! Of course, we adore it in Maison Guella’s biscuits, Maison Le Roux’s iconic caramels and Ambr’1’s confectionary. But put to good use in the kitchen or in organic versions in soaps that are super-gentle on the planet and the skin, it simply makes us melt with delight!


Biscuiterie La Lorientaise

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