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Natural escapade in Brittany in the middle of winter5 weekend ideas for a breath of fresh air

Natural escapade in Brittany in the middle of winter

As winter sets in, it’s the ideal time for some great walking in Brittany, on the beaches or on the trails. Are you ready for a feel-good jaunt? We invite you to go off track amidst unspoilt nature. To breathe in the fresh air. Your taste buds and senses will be stimulated, you’ll feel inspired and happy as you enjoy these moments of well-being. Immediate boarding for a fix of winter nature in western Brittany.

In Paimpol, enjoy the delights of the foreshore and the star mollusc of winter

It’s a small pleasure but it creates a feeling of incredible luxury. It makes you feel very important and lucky. What’s the recipe? Start with a walk on the beach at low tide, in the cool and pale winter light. Soak up the atmosphere as you collect sea shells and seafood. Then take a little break in a warm bistro before heading to the market and the fish stall. The scallops here are excellent. Return to your accommodation with your pearly treasure. Fry a knob of butter in the pan, add a pinch of fleur de sel and you’ll be promised a moment of unique delight that melts in the mouth.

Where to sleep? Les Petites maison Arin in Paimpol

There’s no need to wait for summer to enjoy the soothing and invigorating virtues of the ocean. Contemplate the water and listen to the waves …the palpitation of life is omnipresent.

Greenery, designer décor and calm in the gulf

How about a little break to brighten up these dull months? Head to Southern Brittany and the Gulf of Morbihan! Your programme to boost your energy includes walks in nature and by the sea between Vannes and Auray, on the shores of the “inland sea” scattered with islands – with 30 marked trails nearby, including the GR® 34, there’s plenty to keep you going.
And for accommodation, head to the Ferm’h eco-gîtes in Baden. Five environmentally-friendly gîtes bathed in light and brightly decorated, warmed by the flames from a wood stove. Lightness, peace of mind and motivation are restored as if by magic!

Hiking in the vicinity

Where to sleep? La ferm’h

Back on land, head off to La Roche aux Fées

The sun shines timidly, but it’s enough to make your legs restless. A camellia bud emerges through the frost; a great tit visits the feeder. Take a walk on one of the trails of La Roche aux Fées close to the finest dolmen in Brittany or the River Semnon. On the way back, take a detour through the neighbouring farm for some milk fresh from the cow, then grab a blanket, something to read and a rich and creamy hot chocolate and settle by the fireplace! It’s all part of the winter well-being ritual. Experience how nature does not isolate you from the world, but quite the opposite, reconnects you with what really matters. Take time, that’s all. 

Where to sleep? La clé des champs in Martigné-Ferchaud

A natural setting near Dinan

20 minutes from the sea, between Rennes and St-Brieuc, amidst nature and beautiful stones, the two eco-gîtes in La Ville Heleuc will brighten up your winter! The bright and cosy gîtes with a spa, a fun 6-km walk through the domain, games and bikes to use and yoga in the natural swimming pool are ideal for a natural escapade. After a walk or bike ride, head to the Emerald Coast or Dinan, where you can pick up little jars of local delights to bring back and enjoy later. If you fancy yourself as a chef, local organic market gardeners have everything you need. A natural and cosy stay to fill up on energy.

Walks near Plélan-le-Petit

Where to sleep? La Ville Helleuc in Plélan-le-Petit

Relaxing moment at Domaine de Tréouzien : I chill out therefore I am!

When it’s frosty and foggy, cycling on the Pointe du Raz – Pointe de Penmarc’h cycle route is good. On foot, strolling along the GR®34 towards Cap Sizun, is really good too. Ending the day with an unrivalled moment of relaxation and taking time out in your swimwear is even better! At Domaine de Tréouzien, in addition to a cosy room with private hot tub, you can also take a swim in the indoor pool heated to 30 degrees all year round. You can also enjoy a moment of utter relaxation in the well-being space with spa and sauna, followed by a little massage. After that, if you really want to set off again for a walk to the little port of Port Poulhan or to the archaeological site of Menez Dregan… we’ll just have to follow you!

Where to sleep? Domaine de Tréouzien in Plouhinec

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