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Pointe du Raz – Cap Sizun

Extreme thrills

Finistère means the end of the earth, and the name is very fitting here, with a procession of headlands and capes that brave the open sea. The highlights of this coastline are the mythical Pointe du Raz and Pointe du Van. After the vast marine spaces, the hinterland has a more cordial character.

Discover Pointe du Raz – Cap Sizun

Labelled a « Grand site of France”, Pointe du Raz stands some 70 metres in height. Sculpted by the ocean and the winds, it alone is worth a trip to the region. Opposite, the square lighthouse of Vieille island, lit up in 1887, was automated in 1995. Beyond the untamed rocks and the emerald green sea, the view of the ocean takes in Sein Island and, on a clear day, Ar Men lighthouse.

Towards new emotions

A white house on the gorse, a chapel brightened up by lichen, a “pocket” port… Along the cliffs, the secure paths reserve many surprises. Recommended if you want to savour the troubled soul of Pointe du Raz. At Cap-Sizun, Pointe du Millier, Pointe de Beuzec and Pointe de Brézellec are also exceptional walking spots with a view of Cap de la Chèvre. Thrill-seekers will keep going north to Enfer de Plogoff where the legendary princess Dahut got rid of her lovers. A narrow spur overlooks the waves. But it’s not all about vertical rocks! Sandy beaches are ideal for peaceful stops and water sports fans get together at Baie des Trépassées.

Landscapes that give you wings

Cap Sizun is also home to many birds, including the well-known European herring gull. Protected since 1996, Pointe du Raz preserves the ecosystem of these species. Even more remarkable is the Cap Sizunbird reserve. On a grandiose coast peppered with islands, you can observe black-legged kittiwakes, guillemots and northern fulmars from the visitor trail.  Telescopes and binoculars are available from the entrance.

Did you know

Die-hard headlands

The site of Castel-Coz, on Pointe de Beuzec, has a rare promontory fort from Gallic times. All that remains of the fortifications are the ocean-facing ramparts. There is another oppidum nearby, in Castel-Meur.

Pretty architecture

Are you looking for countryside and encounters? At the intersections of small roads, hamlets group together old houses near a manor or a mill. On the banks of the Goyen, Pont-Croix clings onto its pretty medieval heritage, perpetuated by busy fairs. A pleasant stop in a small town of character.

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