Chambre de L'Auberge des GlazicksChambre de L'Auberge des Glazicks
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Sleep at a chef’s

For a unique moment, treat yourself to a gastronomic meal by a Breton chef. And to prolong this delicious interlude, why not sleep there to fully appreciate the spirit of the house?

In the blink of an eye

1. Enter the temple of the Breton culinary identity

L’Auberge des Glazicks – Olivier Bellin

At the entrance to the Crozon peninsula, chef Olivier Bellin enhances Breton products with particular fondness for buckwheat. His “unique marine tripe cuisine” has earned him two Michelin stars. In this family house founded in 1870, eight bedrooms have been designed by the master of the house. In a setting of granite, natural wood and pebbles, they exude a peaceful atmosphere facing Douarnenez Bay which can be seen though the patio windows.

L’Auberge des Glazicks

2. A gem on the edge of Brocéliande forest

Maison Tiegezh – Baptiste Denieul

At Maison Tiegezh, family is sacred! In 2017, at the age of 25, Baptiste Denieul became the youngest chef from France to be awarded his first Michelin star. Since then, he has completely transformed and enhanced this little inn, which has been in the family for three generations. With a strong attachment to his local area, the chef gets his supplies in a 15-km radius as well as from his own vegetable garden. His emblematic dishes include seaweed steamed foie gras, lobster grilled in buckwheat and the famous peach-apricot-chocolate that earned him his star. The dining room, with a boudoir atmosphere and floral motifs, is the domain of Marion, the chef’s wife, who also looks after wine/food pairings. The inn offers 4-star rooms and family suites decorated modestly and a well-being space, ideal for relaxing before setting off to discover Brocéliande.

Maison Tiegezh

3. Treat yourself to a cosy break in Brière

La Mare aux Oiseaux – Eric Guérin

On Fédrun Island, in the middle of Brière, Eric Guérin has created La Mare aux Oiseaux, a nest of culinary experimentation to share the emotions he puts into his dishes. The famous chef, who is a regular on TV, is particularly fond of birds, and has made them the theme of the place. Under the thatched roofs surrounded by the marshes, six rooms are like refuges of relaxation and well-being that prolong the enjoyment of the star-awarded food. A well-being space with bespoke treatments and a hot tub allows you to completely let go when you stay in this unique place.

La Mare aux Oiseaux

4. Disconnection and recovery in Cancale bay

La Ferme du Vent – Famille Roellinger

La Ferme du Vent, the latest creation of the Roellinger Family, overlooks Cancale bay in the heart of a lush meadow. It proposes five “kleds” (Breton for wind shelters) for a break away from modern life. There is no Wi-Fi, or TV, but instead the permanent spectacle of nature changing in tune with the tides. With soft carpets, leather sofas, sheepskins and linen sheets, the kleds focus on comfort and authenticity. Treat yourself to the luxury of savouring, in a cosy kled, a dinner concocted by the chef of the restaurant Le Coquillage de Château Richeux, Hugo Roellinger. He has just obtained his second Michelin star, just like his father, chef Olivier Roellinger.

La Ferme du Vent

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